Tahsis Activities

Wildlife Viewing

Tahsis is a remote Village set in the rugged west coast geography of a fjord-like inlet surrounded by rainforest and steep coastal mountains. It's remote natural setting makes it ideal for wildlife observers. Walk along the waterfront or riverfront and you will see swans, ducks, bald eagles, herons and other marine birdlife.

In the fall, Salmon; Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and Chum surge up the Tahsis and Leiner Rivers, and the bridges are a perfect vantage point to watch this seasonal phenomenon. Bears are plentiful in the area, and can frequently be seen along the drive to Tahsis on the Tree to Sea Drive, and foraging on the beaches and estuaries. Black-tailed deer and Roosevelt Elk frequent the area can often be seen on the roadside, trails, and even in town. Day trips on the water provide the chance to see wildlife along the shores of Tahsis Inlet and Nootka Island, and the opportunity to see seals, sea otters, and occasionally gray whales and orca

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Hiking and Trails

Many hiking trails begin in Tahsis, including Ubedam Creek Trail, the circle trail in West Bay Park, and the Bull of the Woods Trail.

Take a picnic to West Bay, or Leiner River Campsite is another beautiful spot for a picnic and a nature walk, or swim.

Just outside of Tahsis is the entrance to the Leiner River Estuary Boardwalk which offers walking paths and wildlife viewing platforms through the Leiner River Estuary.

Historical Walks and Museum

The Tahsis town site was originally established in the 50's on a steep hillside above the waterfront, and Float Homes build in the 40's were barged in put on foundations to provide housing for the workers for the Mill. The historical walk begins in the old section of town, and takes you on a tour of these historical buildings. Historical Walk brochure can be picked up at the Travel Info Centre.

Visit the Tahsis Museum which houses artifacts and displays the story of the town from its beginnings and surrounding areas. Do not miss the special display featuring THE BIRTH OF BRITISH COLUMBIA

Sport Fishing

Tahsis is the gateway to the world class fishing grounds and protected waterways of Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet. Chinook, Coho, Lingcod, Halibut, Rockfish, and more! You can find it all here, plus some fabulous crabbing and prawning!

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Recreation Centre

Visit the Tahsis Recreation Centre for free use of  the Indoor Pool, Sauna, Gymnasium or the Weight Room. The bowling alley is $5.25,, per game, and a game of Pool is $2.10. A community kitchen also available for a reasonable hourly rental. There is a variety of concession to purchase. Free Wifi, and open 7 days a week. Day Care is Mon-Fri 8:15-5:00 ( Pre registration required).

For more information go to the Village of Tahsis Website, HERE, or call (250) 934-6443

Day trips to Nootka Island or Zeballos

An hour away by water is Nootka Island and Yuqot, formerly Friendly Cove, the summer village of the Mowachet--where Captain Cook first landed and founded British Columbia, and John Jewitt was held captive by chief Maquinna. Yuqot has an amazing Spanish church with stained glass windows, a beautiful lighthouse, lake, and beaches that look out over the open Pacific Ocean --or Zeballos, a historic gold mining town. Both are well worth a days excursion by water!

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