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Derby Report/September 2019 Fishing Report


Well it Just Keeps Going, Going, Going, Going, Going & GOING!!!

Yes once again the Salmon Enhancement Derby has gone

Over the TOP AGAIN! $60,634 that is a $6,000+ over 2018  WOW!!

The above funds will go mostly to the Tahsis Salmon Enhancement

Society (TSES) and Nootka Sound Watershed Society (NSWS).

Some will also go to Sports Fishing Institute (SFI) and Pacific Salmon

Foundation (PSF).



Derby Auctioneer Derby Crowd

Auctioneer Kenny, MCs Bishop Gary & Shock Wave Dave with Cowboy Brian working the floor for bids.

250+ attendees Enjoining the Salmon Enhancement celebration!!


IMG 5334  IMG 5321

Fred Hines with Captain Tim Nelson. 1st place Coho 11.55 won High Speed Scotty Downrigger. Donated by Greig's Seafood.

Cam Abbot 1st place Halibut 48lb With Captain Brent Abbot. They won a very nice Milwaukee table saw - Thank You Home Depot.


IMG 5051 IMG 5356

Nigel & Brady " How much should we bid on the 6hp Suzuki outboard motor". They Got it for $1800 what a deal!!! Thank You Breakers Marine for your generous donation!

John Washo (left) 1st place Chinook 25.15 won him a High Speed Scotty Downrigger, a Line Hauler & lots of other Scotty Marine stuff. Thank You Scotty Marine Products.

Derby Winners


CHINOOK                                                                    COHO

1 - JOHN  WASHO 25.15 LBS                                    1 - FRED HINES 11.55 LBS

2 - JON BURRIS 24.45 LBS                                       2 - MICHAEL PEABODY 10.75 LBS

3 - GARY STONEDAHL 21.8 LBS                              3 - GERRI THOMPSON 10.71 LBS


LING COD                                                                   HALIBUT


1 - TYLER HUNT 49.75 LBS                                     1 - CAM ABBOTT 48 LBS

2 - ABBY JOHANNSON 41.8 LBS                            2 - GARY STONEDAHL 43.35 LBS

3 - DOUG HANCOCK 26.9 LBS                                3 - DOUG HANCOCK 42.25 LBS





Thanks to All the Many TSES volunteers who really did a Great Job putting this Event Together!


Thanks to President of TSES Frank Collins and his hatchery crews for their years of successful service!


Thanks to the many Prizes / VIP Board Donors and the persons collecting them!


Thanks to the Westview Marina Staff for their over the top extra effort on behalf of the Derby!


Thanks to our Co-Hosts Shocking/Shock Wave Seats - David Smith & Calming - Bishop Gary Gordon


Thanks to our Auctioneer Kenny and his comrades Brian & Valori for the Great Show & Music


Thanks to the record number of participants at all levels.


You made this the Biggest, Best and Most Successful Derby Ever!


“It Really is ALL About the FISH”


Special thanks go to our major sponsors:

BRADLEY SMOKERS from Vancouver, BREAKERS MARINE / SUZUKI CANADA, CANADIAN TIRE and COASTAL MOUNTAIN FUELS of Campbell River, ENDURANCE MARINE of Vancouver, GIBBS / DELTA TACKLE of Vancouver, GRIEG SEAFOOD, LORDCO AUTO PARTS, REDL SPORTS – A DIVISION OF BIG ROCK SPORTS LLC. , SCOTTY MARINE from Victoria, SHOCKWAVE SEATS from Sidney, and THE GREAT CANADIAN SUPER STORE from Campbell River, who all provided significant gifts that greatly improved the funds raised.




September Fishing/Catching Report


“It’s September, Labour Day weekend is over, there are No Fish to be Caught!”   WRONG!!



Look what our local guides caught in the past few days!!



DSCF1464  DSCF1461

Westview Marina's Guide Colton made his very HAPPY Crew Smile. With daily limits of 20lb (not shown) 34, 37 & 123cm 70lb Halibut.

Westview Marina's Guide Brian/Cowboy show these Fisher what a Esperanza Full House is!
Full daily limits of Halibut and Rockfish with bonuses of large Coho & 3 Lingcod.


DSCF1468  DSCF1465

Guide boats Viking and Tank with there combined Red Deer Crews. They teamed up with women in 1 boat & men in the other. Guess who WON!! Both boat totaled a September Grand Offshore Slam of 13 salmon, 2 halibut with lots of Cod, Rockfish & Lingcod. A Great day on the water!!!!!

Westview Guide Kyle with 2 of 3 smiling customers pictured "Another Esperanza Grand Slam" this one from "4 Mile Reef" 5 Nice Salmon, 2 Halibut one 42lb, 2 Lingcod one 42lb & 3 rock Fish!


Look what our Westview Customers Caught recently!!



Ronny & Dad Ron with two Great 33lb & 38lb Halibut
NOTE that Ronny is saying the BIG ONE is MINE!!!

Captain Al Crawford steered his boat mate Stan Walderhoagh into catching this 27.5 Spring near Garden Pt. in Esperanza Inlet. It was caught on an Anchovy at 28 ft.


 DSCF1372 DSCF1334

Out on the Highway Kim Tonhiem Caught this near Tyee 29.5lb recently Deep 1195ft on Skinny G Lure. His entire crew of 3 limited with 6 Chinook/Kings

Bob with brother Berry Hemington had a busy morning at Pin Rks on the south side at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet last week. Coho Killers & Coyote lures scored big for them. Back at the cleaning tables by noon with 4 nice Chinooks 20, 24, 25, 27lbs.





Tahsis Inlet Voted BC's Top Boating Destination for 2019



Coat Guard station construction begins

Posted: 13 Aug 2019 08:20 AM PDT

You can't see much because of the fencing but Karli got these shots. Work has begun.

cg work







Customer Comments


In an Inland Fishing Magazine it was stated that Westview Marina had a sign on the dock requiring boots to be worn. Do we need to bring boots or are heavy duty tennis shoes okay for our fishing trip this next week?

Mike & Linda Hermann


IMG 1844


westview 2020 september


We are already nearing 45% Booked for Lodging,

27% for Moorage and 54% for Charters for 2020.

Get to us SOON so we can met your requests!

This is the most we have ever been booked for next

season this early.


Get your Dates, Lodging, Guide, Boat confirmed NOW! Thanks!!


  We sell salt water


  fishing licenses!



Thank YOU!


To our new & long standing Customers: your friendship, comment +

Your support are very much appreciated!


Thank you for: the Best Derby Ever, One of the Best Season Again & Your

continued caring about our Westview Staff and Me. It means a lot to us ALL!

See you next season 2020.  John


“Some of us never thought we would live this long.” If you do not understand that comment Congratulations, Keep living life to it’s fullest!!


If you do understand the comment Way to Go Bros & Sisters! “Be Happy”  John


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