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They are HERE!

Yes, the Chinook/King/Springs and the Coho/Silvers have arrived!

If you have fished here in Nootka & Esperanza in the past you know at this time of year about those magic 1st few weeks when the Conuma Hatchery Salmon come into the Sound & Inlet for some of the BEST inside water fishing of the year.


Yes, 30-40% of the Conuma River Salmon come in through Esperanza

the balance come in thru Nootka. The % varies from yr. to yr. depending

on tides. The result is Catching heats up in both entrance water ways.

In Esperanza the Pins (Blind Reef), the Glory Hole, Rosa Harbour, the Log

Dump & Saltery Bay are RED HOT! Nearly simultaneously with the action

in Esperanza are the HOT SPOTS in Nootka – Maquinna Pt, Wash & Eagle

rocks, the Lighthouse, Dolley’s, inside of Saavedra Islands, Boston Pt. are all producing.


BONUS!! Yes, when these two large masses of fish come together it is

the Best of the BEST for Fishing/Catching in inside waters.


The Salmon merge together in the bait fish rich water that are between

the top of Strange Island on the Tahsis Inlet side all the way down to Salter

Pt, Canal Is & Hoiss Pt. There are lots of boat fishing in this area and

those who are using anchovies are scoring the BEST & FASTEST!!

Catch size right now is 28-16lb Chinook and 8-14 Coho.

Come join the FUN, FUN, FUN and fill your fish box.



DSCF1165  DSCF1155  

Chuck Cambelli with a nice 27.5lb Chinook caught on anchovy at the Glory Hole in Esperanza inlet

Leah and Morien caught two beautiful Chinooks weighing in at 21.5 lbs each caught in Hoise.



The Volunteer Hatcheries Salmon tend to come in later

Yes, the Chinook & Coho salmon just keep coming from now until the big storms

come in October. 20+ lb Coho start coming to the cleaning tables about August 15.

These fish often mill around Centre Island in huge schools right inside Esperanza

Inlet until the storm cause the rivers to rise and draw the fish to their final leg of

their spawning journey.








Halibut, Lingcod & other ground fish remain plentiful!

We have learned a lot by not fishing the Highway for the past 2 months.

We can catch lots of Halibut & other bottom fish from the shoreline out to 6mi. 

Yes, most outside water fishers have been driving past these fish for years.

With a bit of hunting around on most contours you will find Lingcod, Halibut

& lots of other bottom FISH.


DSCF1152 DSCF1188

"The Esperanza Ground Fish Grand Slam"
Caught by the pictured Three Avid Young Fish Masters and their Dads Chris & Ken Philps
5 Halibut, 3 lingcod, 11 Rockfish all caught within 2 mile of the mouth of Esperanza Inlet

Rick Allen with his 1st ever Tyee 31lb & our head Guide Brian Cameron. Caught just off of Grassy island.

Both are very HAPPY Fishers!!


Shark Issues!!

This year there is another BONUS to bottom fishing closer to shore!!

The warm truccoes color water has moved in closer than normal.

With that warm water comes the sharks. Yes, lots of them, more than usual.

Blue and Salmon sharks seem to be the most dominate. There are many stories

and much BIT evidence that anyone bottom fishing out beyond 8mi form the

shoreline will likely be battling with sharks to get their fish aboard the boat.


Albacore Tuna may be in our area by the 3rd wk of Aug if this warm

water trend continues. More to come as we continue to gather intel.


The 16th Annual Salmon Inhacement Derby

Can you believe it. This all started in 2003 when locals notice

a reduction in Salmon returns to the Tahsis & Leiner Rivers.


20180825 182447  derby 1

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“It Really is All About the FISH”


The 1st Derby in 2004 raised $2,384 last season Derby raised $54,872. We will cross

over the $500,000 Raise with this years Derby Fund Raising. Over the past 15yrs all of

these funds have gone to local volunteer hatcheries, some to the local federal hatchery, local high school ecology programs and several river & stream rehabilitation projects.


4.5 million salmon fry go into this area’s waters annually as a direct result of this event. You/WE have been taking care of our Backyard, NOW and for the past 16 Years.

That is WHY Fishing/Catching is SO GOOD in Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet.

"Thank you" to the many, many, many, Volunteers involved in the Fund Raising, Fish Raising and Habitat Projects. Without you this Wonderful Success Story would not be possible.


Get you Derby ticket Soon. “Only 200 available” $80

Every entry gets a prize + a bag of tackle + Derby Hat + Award Banquet Dinner & MORE!


Tickets available at Westview’s Tackle Shop, you can buy by phone, on your account or credit card.


Join in the Fun, Food, Fun, Live Entertainment, Fun, Drink Specials, Fun!!!!!



family pic

The Jackson Family of 9, from Alberta, enjoying the summer weather and the FUN

productive King-Chinook-Spring Fishing/Catching at Hoss and Coopte Point in Nootka





Tahsis Inlet Voted BC's Top Boating Destination for 2019



Customer Comments

Another thought John. You said once you had been fishing there for 30 years so you know what that Marina was like then, if you could call it a Marina even. The first year I went there the only dock was so rickety you could hardly walk on it. You had to get gas in a five gallon can up above and carry it down. Cathy started the Marina to it's new life and you have done an outstanding job with it. It's a great marina now. One of the best around. Anyway, thanks for the great job you have done with the Marina. It's a pleasure to use now. As my son once said, it's the only place you can sit and have dinner and a beer and have fish being cleaned right next to you.

Chuck Foresland


 image002  image006



 Jesse Wilkins took all three of these photos within an hour while successfully fishing for Halibut

with her husband Doug at the Red Can off Esperanza Inlet. 




For MANY yrs Dawn Noye has been Know as the "Flower Girl"
She continues to do a Fantastic job on the Marina many flower 
basket and flower gardens! She Love here work & it Shows.
Thank You Dawn!!



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