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“Likely the most Important Department of Fishery

Chinook Salmon announcement of this decade”


Let us start by saying that the announcement that, we will be getting SOON, seems to be taking a broad based fairer approach for all Canadian Fishers (citizens). It will likely apply the fishery regulations by Fishery Management Areas using local scientifically proven abundance data of Chinook for local Salmon as well as fish of concern.

That is where the VERY GOOD NEWS for Esperanza Inlet/Nootka Sound and surrounding areas comes into play.


Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound - Area 25

SPRING 2019 - Lots happening in the way of Salmon regulation changes for the upcoming season.


The very GOOD News is that inside the surf line of ALL of Area 25 Chinook Salmon Regulation will remain the same in 2019 as they have been in 2017 and 2018. Retention of 2 Chinook per day Hatchery marked or non marked. 4 Chinook possession limit.

Better News Coho limits in Area 24-4 & 5 (Tlupuna Inlet) last season where increased to 4 per day (only 2 of which could be wild). 8 Coho possession limit. For 2019 the Coho limits will remain the same BUT, the catch area will include ALL of Area 25 and a mile out off the surf line.




Sammy Collins from Fort Mac with his 28lb Chinook. “Dad said this fish would have been a Tyee next wk.”


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Larger Chinook tend to be caught in the Esperanza/Nootka Area in the last 3 wks of Aug & early Sept. Bob (left) & Gary with their BIG Smiles & their 33.5lb Spring boated off Esperanza Reef in late August


WHY this very positive change? Good question. In 2014 an approved proposal was put forward by local recreational fisher to fund and seriously increase the numbers of Coho produced in the Conuma River Federal Hatchery. All Coho fry released from the hatchery are marked. Results were amazing. Over 12,000 Hatchery marked Coho return to Area 25 in July - September. Over 18,000 will return this season. Add to all the above that DFO is projecting a good increase return of Coho stocks for most all areas on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


Why is the catch area being expanded to include ALL of Area 25? Another Good question. Answer: those fisher who know the area well KNOW that a large share of ALL Conuma Hatchery Salmon (Chinook & Coho) enter in to Area 25 by way of Esperanza Inlet. These salmon travel deep into the usually calm waters of Esperanza and are catchable all the way into Stemmer Pt. The Salmon continue their migration moving south through Tahsis Inlet into Nootka Sound. Most years around July 15 there are large schools of Chinook stacked up at Coopte Pt. This is the point where Tahsis Inlet dumps into Nootka Sound. Pull up a tide flow chart on you computer of the Tahsis Inlet and Coopte Pt. area, you will understand very well why these hatchery salmon stack up there. In 2018 fisher in the Esperanza area saw a huge jump in the hatchery marked Coho move in mid July and continue moving through well into September. In fact it was near impossible to catch an unmarked Coho in Esperanza Inlet in 2018.




YES, the largest Coho weighed in at the Westview Marina in 2018. 23.5Lb Frank Collins he is the president of the Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society & Bishop Gary Gordon of the Roman Catholic Church on Vancouver Island. “Good things happen to Good people who do Good Things” This Coho was caught at Centre Island inside Esperanza Inlet.

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Coho, Coho, Coho Yes, limit for ALL of Esperanza/Nootka inside waters will be increased to 4 per day/ 8 possession Daily limits 4 per day only 2 of which can be wild. Come load up your fish box with these delicious plentiful Coho/Silvers.



Halibut & Ling Cod

Yes, likely the most plentiful fish in our area year around. Yes, lots of white meat to take home to keep family and friends gappy. Our Guides know where they are and how to hook them up. Also stop by the Westview Tackle shop so we can give you and your crew GPS coordinates and local tackle tip to make sure your Hali/Ling Fishing/Catching trip is successful. Coffee is always on!! See you Soon!! 


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Lots of Halibut, other Bottom fish +++ Coho. Ask me how your Group of 4 or more can load up on FISH like this!!! Fish On!


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Halibut Fishing/Catching is Always GOOD in the Esperanza inlet & Nootka Sound Area. May and June may be the BEST Catching months. The fish are in closer to shore easily accessible. These 38-18 lb fish where caught in less than an hour. For your “Hog Hali” Fishing/Catching trip call us today 250 934 7672!!


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Reservations: You have heard this from us in the PAST!!! “Book you Moorage, Lodging, Charters ASAP we are running out of space” It is truer now more than ever. Yes, with the not so nice Chinook regs expected for much of BC water our requests are way UP. Lock Your Dates in NOW! Thanks call 250 934 7672




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