Why is Fishing/Catching so GOOD In Tahsis?

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Why is Fishing/Catching so GOOD In Tahsis?


The answer is – Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound have been involved in an intense Salmon Enhancement Program for 9yrs. Rivers & Stream rehabilitation Projects, 6 Volunteer Hatchery River Programs and a Collaborative Agreement Process with the local federal hatchery. The net result has seriously increased the release of Chinook fry to 4.5 million and Coho fry to 500,00 annually. Any way you do the math this results in many thousands of Salmon returning to local Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound waters.


Yes, it’s the 3 “P” – Projects, Programs and Process that have PRODUCED some of the BEST Salmon Fishing/Catching in all of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Ca. Let us not forget the hundreds of Volunteer man hr. that it takes to make this all happen ea. Yr.


Westview Marina & Lodge has provided leadership and financial resources to assisted

volunteers with the implementation of the 3 “P”. Over the past many year they have donated proceeds raised in the Annual Salmon Enhancement fishing derby, BBQ contests, VIP Sponsor Board and other Lodge donations which total $450,000+.


There is a favourite local saying “ It is ALL About the FISH – and it REALLY IS TRUE!”


Westview Marina & Lodge is located at the Heart of Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound in the Village of Tahsis at the top of Tahsis inlet. From Westview you can always find calm fishable waterIf the wind is coming up Island you take a right at Tahsis Narrows and head west out to the very productive waters of Esperanza. If the wind is coming down Island go straight down Tahsis inlet to the fertile fishing water of Nootka.

The often asked question by the dockhands at Westview is NOT did you catch fish.

It is - Did you limit out!! We are very please to once again announce that the Department of Fisheries & Ocean is projecting another Great return of Chinook and Coho to Area 25 (Esperanza and Nootka) for the 2019 season. Also just like in 2018 salmon limit will remain the same NO REDUCTIONS!!! In fact a large portion of Area 25 had limits increased from 2 Coho daily to 4 with 8 Coho in possession in 2018 and it will continue in 2019. Yes, “It is ALL About the FISH and taking care of your back yard” Come join the FUN of Catching! Yes, All the above is about Salmon. We also have excellent Halibut, Ling Cod & other bottom fish here.


2019- So change out that old fishing line, lube up the reels, sharpen up the hooks and get ready for one of the BEST Fishing/Catching Seasons EVER!






Smiling Robert from Vancouver with his 34.5 lb Chinook“Tyee” caught on the Hwy on August 10, 2018.




“No Regrets” Rebecca with her first Tyee. 31.75 lb Chinook. Caught at the World Famous Ferrier Point on July 4th2018.

Christmas Special WESTVIEW

George from Seattle with one of the largest Chinook of the season36lb Tyee caught at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet


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Large Ling Cod are plentiful off Esperanza Reef as Mason discovered when he hooked and landed this 42 lb beauty in June 2018.

John says it all with his smile. 30 lb Tyee Chinook caught in July 2018 near the Whale’s Tail.


Thomas was the leader of his crew on this day in June with his 47 lb Halibut. Other members of the crew caught 29 lb, 28 lb, 24 lb Halibut. Perfect eating size, also note the 20+ lb Ling Cod that the crew boated.

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“Very Happy US Navy Veteran with his daily limit ofChinook/King/Spring Salmon. Caught in mid June 2018”




Happy Holidays - from John and ALL the Crew at Westview

For our neighbors to the south who are celebrating “Thanksgiving wkend” Cheers!!



For ALL of us - the upcoming Christmas season is nearly upon us.

May You and Yours enjoy the Peace and Love of Family and Friends. Peace be with YOU!



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