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The Salmon Have Arrived:

Yes we have GREAT Success in catches of Halibut, Ling Cod & other bottom fish.

But, the Springs/Kings/Chinook were few and far between over the past few wks.

That has all changed. It’s as if the Salmon Switched to the ON Position.

                            Jeff Erickson and Family with their morning catch at Rosa Harbour

                  A mix of Chinook & Coho largest 24.5lbs


Beano Creek, Maquinna Point have turned on in Nootka Sound.

Rosa Harbour, Garden Pt and the World Famous Ferrer Pt are ALL RED HOT!

As per normal well rolled Anchovies is at the top of the list for Catching.

Coho Killers, Small Coyote & Lighthouse lures are close 2nds



Stu with a 24Lb Ling Cod and a 24.5LbSpring/King. Both caught while trolling off the west side of Catala Is. in Esperanza.

Frank Collins with his 25.5Lb Chinook. Caught at Ferrer Pt. Frank was fishing with friends on the Fishing Fools Boat. They came back to the Marina with their fish box loaded.

  Old GUYS WIN! Frank had the largest Spring


Coho and Chinook are also showing up in GOOD Number on the Highway.

The “T”, Potatoes, Glory Hole, Esperanza Reef, The Guitar, & Pins are all holding lots of bait & Salmon.

If you need to look at a chart or get GPS coordinates to these locations

stop by our Tackle shop and we will help out with that.

Fishing deep is the key to success on the outside combined with some decent weather.

Bigger spoons, 6 inch, Trolled at approx.. 2.5mph work well.

Titan, Coyote, Lighthouse & Tomic Spoons all work well on the outside.

Colours:  602, Pilchard, Cop Car, Kitchen Sink, Live Image Green & Blue, Green Herring & Nasty Boy

ALL on GLOW spoons work best.  



 Greg with 2 of the 16 Salmon Boated on the Highway recently by his crew of 4. Larger Chinook were in the low 20Lbs and Coho 6 to 11Lbs. Lots of fish out there!  Mark with his Chinook limit of Cookie Cutter 27Lbs Caught at Esperanza Reef on Coyote Image Green & Blue 6 inch Spoons.

Ground/Bottom Fishing/Catching

Since we started Charter Boat Fishing in early April the Halibut in the

35 to 60Lb fish are over the top plentiful. This 5 to 6yr. old regiment

of fish are very abundant and are remaining close inshore as a

result of ALL the bait that is at the mouth of Both Esperanza Inlet and

Nootka Sound. X large herring on a spreader bar or off the downrigger

Is working best.



Charles smile says it ALL. He had a Great day on the water. Limits on Halibut, Springs and Bottom Fish. Chinook 25 & 27Lbs, Hali 55Lbs. He has already made his reservations for 2018


  Bart with his 70Lb Halibut Caught off the Nootka   Lighthouse. Xlarge herring at 130ft. Lots of Good  eating. At Costco Canada prices the Filets of this fish is worth $800

Ling Cod:

These fast growing fish are on nearly every rock pile near the mouths of Esperanza & Nootka.

Typical catches are 12 to 24Lbs. But 30lbs are on the cleaning tables daily.

The New F.F. 10in. Swim Baits with a 12-24oz head and Mega Bite Swim Tail Jigs are the baits proving to be the most productive.

                       10 inch F.F. Swim Baits with 12 to 24oz lead head

 The 7th Annual Salmon Enhancement BBQ Cook Off July 8th

Yes, always GREAT Fun and Fabulous FOOD. We already have 6 consistence:

1-Staff members, Cameo & Jesse, 2-Thor & Aunty Jo- Thor has won this BBQ contest several times, 3- Jessica’s Mom & Cody, 4- Samantha & Elain are BBQ their famous Oysters, 5- President of the Tahsis Salmon Society Frank Collins & Crew Jayson 6- Firemen Tom & Crew (Fishing Fools). Still waiting to hear from last Year’s winner Dave Smith on defending his title.

Cooking starts 1pm to 4:30pm. Eating & Judging starts at 5pm. Saturday July 8.

There will be lots of GREAT Food & Lots of people so DO NOT BE LATE

$18 ticket to EAT & Judge. At least 6 entries to sample & 3 types of salads.



Cathy & John Falavolito   250-934-7672 or 800-992-3252 Owner Operators Westview Marina & Lodge Successfully Serving the Cruising and Fishing Public for 25 Years This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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