Victoria Day/Memorial Day


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Victoria Day/Memorial Day

The weekend arrived with the best spring weather yet & some of the BEST Fishing/Catching!








Esperanza Bottom fishing "5 fishers, 5 Halibut 48to 24lb, 12 Rockfish & 4Ling" a Great Day on the Water!!!

"26lb Ling Cod, 21 & 18lb Spring/King & a Nice Canary Rockfish" 

Halibut, Springs/Kings & Bottom fish "IT WAS A BUSY DAY"


Halibut– 50 to 35lb Hali are everywhere & lots are on the cleaning tables every day. This age class of “BUTS” has had an exceptional survival rate. The huge herring spawn earlier in the spring attracted the Halibut inside both Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound and they are staying inside because of the large schools of needle fish and anchovies that have arrived recently.  



  Sean with his 1st Halibut of the season. Bajo Reef gave up this Beauty while fishing with a large herring.

Yes Just barely legal 133cm 80 lb Hali.The Smiles from Doug & Ben say it ALL!

"A Pair of mid-40yr old Fishers with A

Pair of mid-40lb Halis." Caught Off the

Red Can in Esperanza Inlet. Dock to Dock  their fishing trip took less than 3 hours.

 "Way to Go Jody & Mark"

                                               5 Happy Albertans with 5 Nice Halibut 55 to 39lbsAll caught off shore Esperanza



Chinook/Kings/Springs– are becoming more plentiful by the day. 23.5lb tops the Leader board at this time but, that will change quickly. Teenage 12 to 17lb are the majority of the catches. Most are hatchery clipped from the states. These fish are very lively and fun to catch. Late May is the warm up for the main event that will start SOON!


Ryan with His 23.5 lb Chinook.

He is at the top of the leader

board as of May 22 


"Mint bright 13.5lb Chinook/King/Spring caught at Ferrer

Pt. with anchovy, Blk scale header, Grn/silver flasher at 25ft on the kelp"


Ling Cod/Yellow Eye/other Bottom Fish

As anyone who has fished our area knows these fish are very plentiful and easily caught. Delicious table fair and exciting to catch. The most interesting thing about Bottom Fishing is you never really know what you are going to catch when you drop to the bottom.

Personally, the most impressive thing I’ve brought to the surface was a 6ft long Wolf Eel. A bit scary when it broke the surface but, surprisingly well-mannered after a vigorous fight it laid on the surface and allowed us to unhook it with a long set of needle nose pliers.

Please help save the long-lived Rockfish that you will encounter while bottom fishing by using a descender device to return the fish to the bottom.

Doug Took the picture while Guide Ben held up their two Book End Large Yellow Eye Rockfish    

“SeaQualizer/descender device sold at Westview’s Tackle Shop 

$59.99 CA $/$41.99 US $”


The Smiles & the Wig say a lot about this recent fishing trip!! 4 Halibut 67 to 36 lbs, 3 ling & 4 nice size Yellow Eye

FRIDAY “Rock the Dock & the famous Buffet’s buffet”(all you can eat)- Starts early this season:

JUNE 9- The Soulful Sounds of the Very Popular “BLU KATZ”

JUNE 16- The Hawaiian Vibe of “ANELA”

JUNE 23- County Blues & Rock from “SEAN HOGAN”

JUNE 30- The Always Creative Sounds of “LUKE BLUE GUTHRIE”

Buffet 5-8pm, Live Music 6pm to closing!


Cathy & John Falavolito   250-934-7672 or 800-992-3252

Westview Marina & Lodge Serving the Cruising and Fishing Public for 25 Years 

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      SEE YOU SOON!!