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MAY- Yes 1st & foremost we are a MARINA

Serving the needs of the Sport Fishing Fleet & Cruisers for 25 years.

The Marina is already approx. 25% full. Newly arriving vessels are coming in daily.

Each wk several of the 50 + boats that were stored over the winter at the Marina  are being unwrapped, de-winterize and launched.


Yes, the Boating, Fishing/Catching Season is upon us!

Some think MAY is the month of MAYBE but for those of who have fished Esperanza & Nootka for a while they know it is the Kick off of another Great Season!

Yes our Guides & others have been fishing off & on in April with Good Success!


Ben one of Westview Marina & lodge Guides with 2 nice Ling Cod & a 47lb Halibut caught near the Nootka Lighthouse Saturday April 29,2017

Randy with a mint bright hatchery marked 17lb Spring/King/Chinook caught on Saturday April 22, 2017 at Garden Pt. on a Tiger Strip Glow Hoochie at 40ft 2.5mph. Randy also caught its twin 20mins later to limit out for the day.

                                                 Way to GO Randy!

May is the start of our Fishing/Catching with Charter Customers aboard enjoying Westview Marina & Lodge's All-Inclusive Packages that include Fishing/Catching, Lodging with all meals while you are with us. Call for your dates 250-934-7672 4 nights, 3 days guided fishing/catching. All meals while you are with us. Pkg is for 4 people. $1200 CA each or $900 US each. Must be booked by May 31.


IN MAY & JUNE there are lots of Columbia River Chinook in the Inlets and Sound feeding on the massive schools of bait that draw these fish into Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound. 15-25lb Springs are the norm with the occasional 30+lb Tyee Chinook salmon.


May 2, 2017 Karl Limits with Two Nice Springs. He also caught a 42lb

Halibut & 3 ling Cod. Karl says "the BEST spring time fishing he has ever

had" Yes the Chinook are out there. Both these fish were hatchery clipped.

Likely this pair of Springs are from the Columbia River hatchery system. 

         4 Happy Fishers caught 4 Halibut in less

than an Hour at the 171 hole Just

off Esperanza inlet. Lots of Great

eating 20 - 42lb Halibut

“We are very fortunate to have some of the Best Bottom Fishing on ALL the West Coast.

We also have generous limits on ground fish. A mixed daily bag will fill your fish box with Halibut, Yellow eye, Greenling, Cabazon, Canary, Red Bondeg, Aurors, Quillback, Black vermillion Rock Fish and lots more.

 The Evans family went to the Chicken Farm

off Yellow Bluff in Esperanza and loaded up.

They also caught 6 nice Chinook.

Another great "WESTVIEW early season mixed BAG" -Yellow Eye,

Halibut, Carney Rock Fish, Ling Cod & a 24lb Chinook caught while trolling

back to the Marina on the bottom of this 2.5Ft X 4ft wheel barrel of fish.

Shared Charters: Each season we have groups of 2 fishers who would like to add 2 more fishers to one of our large (30ft)Vessels to take advantage of the reduced party of 4 rates. It’ a GREAT DEAL & has worked out WELL!

4 Nights lodging, 3 full days of guided fishing/catching with all meals while you are with us $1200 CA each or $900 US each.

Lodging & meal plans are separate only together when fishing.

Dates available:

1) Arrive Thursday Aug 24, Fish 25, 26, 27. Depart on Monday May 28.


Moorage: Bring Your Own Boat ( BYOB )

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal or Annual - If you have not already made your reservations

CATHY SAYS “DO IT SOON” we are filling up very Quickly. “Thank You”!!!


Cathy & John Falavolito   250-934-7672 or 800-992-3252

Westview Marina & Lodge Serving the Cruising and Fishing Public for 25 Years N49* 55’ 13     W126* 39’ 78.5




Andy with a mint bright hatchery marked 17lb Spring/King/Chinook caught on

Saturday April 22, 2017 at Garden Pt. on a Tiger Strip Glow Hoochie at 40ft 2.5mph. Randy also caught its twin 20mins later to limit out for the day. Way to GO Randy!