Three weeks since the Salmon Enhancement Derby! $ 35,745 Raised- Yes it is all about THE FISH


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Three weeks since the Salmon Enhancement Derby!

$ 35,745 Raised- Yes it is all about THE FISH

 The fishing just keeps getting BETTER!!

Coho/Silver are very PLENTIFUL & Huge. Average weight 14.5lbs. we have had several 19.5lb on the cleaning tables with lots of talk about 20+lbs being caught.

A couple of GOOD things to Know:

In general, the Coho are deeper than normal. So Fish/Catch between 50- 110 ft. this is inside between Centre Is. & Double Is. Use dummy flashers off your cannon ball setting your release clip up about 6ft. Anchovies, Coho Killers & King Candy Glow White Anchovy all are working well.

Why Dummy Flasher- the answer is simple. Coho are the wildest fighting Salmon out there. Most are well over 12lbs so they pack some power in their twisting, jumping, rolling fight. With the flasher not in the game your opportunity goes up by 50% on boating the fish. Most off these Coho are still Chrome bright & Very Feisty.

At Flood tide the Glory Hole in front of Catala Is. and Saltery Bay Seaward are producing well. 20ft down with the same bait with at least 3mph. speed- THEN HOLD ON!!!


Helen from Prince George. She won this fishing trip through Anglers

Atlas photo contest. Helen is holding a 18.75lb

 Iceman Captains Liz into the "Largest Coho of the season

to date 20lbs!"


 Brent from Las Vegas with two of late run Spring/

Chinook/Kings caught a week ago

 Stu always goes to the "Dark Side" with this nice 40lb Halibut 

caught off of Tachu Pt. on Herring & a Swim Jig


 Captain Al gets on the Hali yesterday (Sept 14) with crew Mallard,

and 1st mate wife Glenda :of course she caught the 40lb Hali."

 Megan's crew of 4 with limits of Halibut & Ling 

50-12lb Hali & 21-12lb Ling

2016 Season has been the BEST YEAR ever.

Yes, after serving the Cruising and Fishing Public for 24 Years this is the BEST SEASON EVER on a number of fronts.

*Our existing customer base continues to be loyal to our slogan “Service is our Business”

*Many customers who had in the past fished the Tahsis/Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet area found us.

*Lots of New Customers from near & far Discovered the Fantastic Fishing/Catching out of Tahsis & it’s services.

*The Esperanza area in & off shore is the BEST of the BEST Fishing on the entire West Coast of Vancouver Is. (WCVI)

*Day by Day, Week by Week, Month by Month the CPU (catch per unit of effort) in and off Esperanza is the HIGHEST on WCVI. DFO creel surveys support this FACT.

*It also helped when the season started the US Dollar was $1.30. It still remains at $1.25

*It also helps that the variety of fish to be caught HERE from Halibut, Ling Cod, Salmon & Hundreds of species of ground fish are generally in GOOD Abundance.

*It Also Helped when we got the reputation of: “If you are going to fish out of Westveiw Marina (with your own boat or on an All-inclusive Fishing/Catching Package/Charter) 





Lexi a member of the Westview wait staff with her recently

caught 22.5lb Ling Cod

 West Coast Special caught on Sept. 15th. Halibut,

Chinook & Ling Cod

It’s NOT over yet:

The Halibut & Ling Fishing continues to be over the TOP GOOD! As the pictures attest!

A few BIG Spring are still around but the HUGE Coho are the primary target for Salmon Fisher.



2017 All Inclusive Charter Package Special & Reservations

Must be booked by October 31st, 2016

If you have not already made your Lodging, Moorage or Charter reservations we highly recommend you do that SOON!

We are already BOOKED for next season more than ever before.

To get your dates confirmed contact Cathy at 250- 934-7672 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                       -2017 Charter Package Special-

4 persons Drive in Fishing/Catching- $1200 ea. CA $$ / $1000 ea. US $$*

4 Nights Lodging, 3 full days of Fishing/Catching Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod and MORE- with generous Limits.

Includes ALL your meals from our restaurants menu while you are with us.

“Bring Your Large Coolers You will need them when you FISH with US”

*at today’s exchange rate

Cathy & John Falavolito   250-934-7672 or 800-992-3252

Westview Marina & Lodge

Serving the Cruising and Fishing Public for 24 Years

N49* 55’ 13     W126* 39’ 78.5