Rumour Has IT!!!


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Rumour Has IT!!!

Yes there is lots of speculation that for a variety of reasons there are still lots of Springs/Chinook/Kings still on their way into Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet.

Well Maybe BUT, here is what we Know for SURE!!!

Thursday afternoon the outside waters went flat. Literally every boat that went outside Thursday and Friday loaded up on Springs. Today, Saturday most vessels headed outside. Today’s forecast is for 1 meter seas with 18 second wave period “FLAT-FLAT”. This is the Pacific West Coast so always check the marine weather forecast before going off shore. The next several days look GOOD!

Two Good site to check weather are:

1) Windfinder Estevan Point & South Brooks Buoy 2) Island South & North


Danny with a 17.5 lb Coho in his right hand and a 21 lb Spring on the

left. Both caught on anchovies at 32 ft in Esperanza Inlet near

Double Island 2 days ago.

 Grady & Kayla Lancasterwith their morning catch 13.5,

14 & 15 Cohos. Caught near Center Island, Esperanza

Bottom line is: there are lots of Chinook on the outside & there lots of Coho & Chinook in Esperanza Inlet.

Where are all on the outside going? The answer is we do NOT know. What we do know is many of the fish have mature eggs but more than half are still green. You make your own conclusions.

We also Know: that All the rivers that we have personally had opportunity to visit in the last few days and others that DFO have reported on have the vanguard of the Chinook runs in them. These rivers include the Conuma, Canton, Sucwoa, Gold, Burman, Tahsis & Leiner. This is all GOOD NEWS for stock escapement.

 David, Jim & Tyler not pictured with Chinook. Limits from The T.

 Barry & Johns last day of their fishing trip

3 Coho & 1 Chinook 

Halibut are still in Good Abundance in outside water. The Hali are basically in same off shore areas as the springs. So when you leave the Marina have what you need for BOTH!!


Cathy with her & husband Kims Halibut catch yesterday Sept.2 at the Pins.

 The boat limited on 23- 38lb Halibut. Marline wanted to make sure we knew " She caught the big one."

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