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Strange August Fishing/Catching

Esperanza is doing WELL!

Yes catching in Esperanza continues to be GOOD! Sure there are better days than others but that is fishing.

There are lots of 12-17lb Coho being caught some of these Coho will be 20lbs by Sept. & Spring/Chinook/King averaging 25lb are stacked on the cleaning tables Daily. As long as you can fish outside (early morning) Halibut & Ling Cod are very plentiful. Fortunately the water temperatures in Esperanza remain normal for August & the Catching continues at a steady pace.



Proud Adam with his 21.5lb Spring &12lb Coho hanging

on the scale. Both caught in Saltery Bay Esperanza.

 Barb with her first tyee catch at 6 Mile reef last week.

 The Aarostal family with their days catch Springs, Coho,

Yellow Eye and Ling

 An excited Fred explaining to his first Halibut over 30lbs that 

"Man over fish worked this time" 61lb hali caught at the Pins Esperanza


 Hal, Bob & Ben - 3 Springs, 2 Coho, caught yesterday in front of Catala

Local boys with limits of Coho. caught inside from Otter Is. to Fairway Is. they hooked 10 and got 4. Coho Killer Lures where working well for them.  

 Yes lots of legal Halibut from 78lbs-32lbs. Joe and crew

were very busy at The Pins early this morning.


Nootka is a complete other story!

Yes we began noticing changes in the normal fishing/catching production in mid-July.

Normally when the regulations change on July 15 we see a noticeable change in effort moving down into the Nootka Sound Area. There was a weather event around July 10 that caused some upwelling in the near off shore area and at the mouth of Nootka. The result was a significant number of Springs/Chinook/King entering Nootka. All was well & the Epic run of Chinook started their entrance. Fishing/Catching was GOOD at all the normal places.

We are not Scientists. But through our eyes, and the eyes of hundreds of our customers, we do observe much of what is happening in our local waters. The new title for these observers is “Citizen Scientists”.


The hot August weather came & along with it the strong winds that blow directly into Nootka from off shore.

Results were the surface water in the sound was held inside and it began rising in temperature.

Wide spread algae blooms appeared from Nootka light far up inside- way more than a normal hot summer.

Jelly fish are more plentiful than most remember, Mackerel have returned & Sun fish are inside all the way to Camel Rk. Yes hotter than normal water in Nootka has dramatically changed the fishery.

Most observers have simply pulled out of fishing down in Nootka.

Some die hard fishers have found the fish very deep in the inlets in the colder waters & are doing well at catching them. But most fishers have moved their efforts to Esperanza Inlet or stopped fishing.

THE GOOD NEWS TO ALL THIS IS- “The Chinook are there, down deep in the cold water, protecting their eggs & sperm from the hotter upper level warm waters which would cause reproduction issues.” Nature has found a way again to help these fish survive and spawn.

All of this will be proven one way or another once the fall rains begin in earnest.




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