Salmon, Halibut and Albicore Tuna Outlook for 2016


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 “Salmon” – Chinook & Coho

 Both are GOOD NEWS from preliminary Fishery Reports.

Columbia River- As many of you already know because of our northerly location on the NW side of Vancouver Island and proximity to Brooks Peninsula we are very fortunate to get Thousands of Columbia River & its Tributaries Salmon feasting on the abundant feed at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet, Beano Creek & at Bajo Reef off Nootka out on the super Salmon Highway as well traveling schools just off shore. Many of our early season Fish, May 15-June 30, are Columbia Salmon.

The Washington & Oregon Dept. of Fishers are both projecting a slight down turn from the 1 million + record return of Chinook from 2015. But, they are projecting at least a 900,000 return of Chinook which is well above an average yr. Coho- a little early to tell but the 2015 jack return exceeded the number of adults that returned. This usually means a very large Coho return for 2016.


Esperanza & Nootka Local Chinook & Coho-

Chinook similar to the Columbia River the Conuma River and its associated hatchery had a record return of 100,000+ fish. Other rivers and streams throughout Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound produced another 60,000 Chinook for a total return of 160,000 fish in 2015. Yes Fishing/Catching was very GOOD in 2015 throughout our region.

This yrs. projection point to a slight down turn in numbers BUT, a significate increase in size of the returning mature adult Chinook. Yes we are back to the return of TYEES + 30lb fish. The larger size Chinook return for 2016 is a result of excellent ocean conditions when these fish migrated to the salt.

Coho-These fish have been projected at a high abundance over the past two yrs. The Coho have not materialized to that level, all though at times they have been a nuisance thought out the season when targeting Chinook!!! Projections for this season is they will be at moderate abundance. Which means about the same as last yr. Which means there will be lots around to put in your fish box.

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Halibut   2016 stocks are projected to be on an upswing with GOOD abundance off the mouth of Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound.

What to use to catch these brutes- The most popular set up is a spreader bar with a 24-36oz weight depending on tide movement and heavy (80-120lb) bait leader with 2 hooks. The upper hook is used to hold the bait in place the trailer hook (usually a large treble or circle hook) is where the action is. Baited with a 10in. herring or a piece of salmon belly for best results.

“Good things come to those who BAIT”- there is a lot to be said about that old saying!!

Other set ups that are in play are a variety of weighted jigs most all with Glow &/or white bodies and tails. Many of the popular tails are scented. Again ad bait for best results.

Stop by the tackle shop. We will get the charts out and get you GPS points for the up to date most productive spots to HOOKUP with these delicious fish. Happy Fishermen are those catching fish-we want you to be HAPPY!


Albacore Tuna- the fastest growing and most exciting sport fishery on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Where else can you go out to fish for Salmon and/or Halibut and end your day by catching 10-20 Tuna as well as your Salmon and Halibut. It happens on a regular bases off Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound. We are very fortunate that literally thousands of these magnificent fighting fish are 15-25 miles off Esperanza Inlets (sometimes closer).


In a normal year the window of opportunity is the last 3 wks. of August-1st wk. of September. 2015 was a strong El Niño yr. The Albacore Fishing/Catching started in mid-July. 2016 will be very similar to 2015.

So gear up NOW! Zuckers, Rapala Xraps, and Clackers, cedar plugs and clones all work. Some tuna fanatics go all out with outriggers, planner boards, chumming, etc. NOT really necessary in our local waters. When you find them they will eat the bottom of your boat out.

Finding them is the most important key to catching these delicious fish. Tuna move up from the south on the continental shelf with the warm chlorophyll currents (14-16*C/60-65*F) to feast on the abundant feed in our area. There are several deep canyons that go to the may Inlets & Sounds in the region that is why the TUNA are closer inshore here. Local currents move some of that warm water into these canyons to the local prolificTuna Fishing/Catching Grounds.

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Employment can start as early March & go to October. Many work just the summer portion because of school or other commitments. We are very flexible with schedules. We pay above the norm for business like ours, tips are usually GREAT, we provide one meal per day while staff is on duty & in some cases provide lodging.

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