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Well it's getting to be that time of year when we are gearing up for the SALMON Enhancement Derby. This year's derby will be held on Friday & Saturday August 28 & 29. Fun-Fun-Fun for all with proceeds going to a GREAT cause. Fund raising for Salmon Enhancement comes on many different levels. One is the Friends & Corporate Sponsor Board (FCSB). Each year people who are unable to fish the derby or simply want to support Regional Salmon Enhancement donate to the FCSB. Last year the Board raised nearly $10,000 almost a 1/3 of the total $31,462.50 raised.



Donations of $100-$1,000+ get you on the board.

1st on the FCSB this year for the third year in a row:

Zubar Production Services- Gold level $500+

Zubar Contracting Ltd.- Gold level $500+

2nd Fishing Fools - Silver level $250+

We thank you, The Fish thank you & ALL the other donors who will fill the

Friends & Corporate Sponsor Board SOON!!



                    "IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FISH"

2014 funds raised put over 2 million Salmon fry into local waters through the Volunteer Hatcheries systems in 5 regional rivers & subsidies to the Conuma River Hatchery.

Do the math "every 1.57 cents donated = 1 released salmon fry"

Yes Your $60 derby entrance ticket raises = 3,822 Salmon fry

Yes Your $100 donation = 6,370 Salmon fry

Yes Your $500 donation = 31,847 Salmon fry





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Fishing Report:

Salmon- As the days & weeks change so has the location of the fish BUT, the GOOD NEWS is they are here and in GOOD numbers. Lots of Chinook - Springs/Kings are in Nootka from the Lighthouse to Maquinna Pt & Bajo to Beano Creek. The 2 drizzly rainy days we had last week along with a visit by a school of killer whales moved that large mass of fish south. After that weather changed the outside water settled down & the entire Highway is "On Fire" The PINS and The "T" are both producing plenty of 20 - 28lb fish. We have only seen 3 over 30lb so far but that will improve as we move into July. While you are out there if you see whales, they will likely be humpback, GO near the whales, there will be lots of bait around the area. Drop your lines to 120-160 & hold. Seeing a lot of limits coming in from the outside. Bait & Anything GLOW is working.

Chinook Fishing/Catching is also excellent at Ferrer Pt. & out front Catala Isl. In the next couple of weeks we should see lots of salmon move into the inside of both Nootka & Esperanza.

Coho - not many inside yet BUT outside the schools are MASSIVE- 2 per day must be hatchery clipped, 4 per day on the inside Wild or Clipped when they move in soon.



 Caylon Krueger from Calgary with his24.5lb Spring caught in The Highway off Esperenza. THE T IS HOT


 Ernie Banks from Calgary with his 25lb Chinook

caught off the T near Esperenza

 Mark from Bellingham with his

1st Tyee 30.5lb


Halibut - Cannot remember a year better than this one. Everyone is catching Hali when they are targeting them by drifting or anchoring up. Lots of 40-60 lb fish. Large herring on a spreader bar is the winning combo. Some small Halibut caught while trolling for salmon Beano, Bajo, Ferrer & Outer Black Rk.


 Joe Henighes grandson Mark from Wisconsin with a 18lb Spring and 18lb Halibut    Don Rudy from Ferndale with his 40+lb Hali Stan Leete pictured with his wife Helen with their Haibut catches at the Red Can just off the mouth of Esperenza. Helens is the larger Halibut.


Ling Cod, Yellow Eye and Other Ground Fish- It is amazing how many are out there when fishing the rock piles. With generous limits of these fish you literately have to balance your Catching time with the amount of time you want to be at the cleaning tables. Great eating fish!!!



 Josh Pentickon from Calgary with a nice 20lb

Ling Cod

 Chuck Forsland with his favorite eating

  fish Sr Member of the Tahsis Fishing Club


 Red Deer charter group with limits of Ling Cod

and a huge 47.5 lb Ling hanging in the middle.


Albacore Tuna - Is the most exciting Fishing/Catching experience available in our North West BC Waters.

They will definitely be here this season. With ocean water already 5degrees warmer than normal the Tuna will most likely be earlier this year than in previous years. Possibly as early as mid-July. We will continue our TUNA,TUNA,TUNA seminars every Thursday evenings at 6pm at our patio Pub & our Fleet Tuna Fishing on Fridays. The Westveiw Guided Tuna boats will be in be in action with regular 4 person charters. All the above was very well received last year and we are looking at BETTER & LONGER season this year. Our boats & crew are all Dept. of Trans. Certified for this Fishery and the BEST news is we usually find the Albacore less than 20 miles off the shoreline.

For more details and booking email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 250- 934-7672






                5th Annual Salmon Enhancement BBQ Cook Off

                                  Saturday July 11, 2015

There will only be 100 tickets sold- $15 each. This event is FUN,FUN,FUN &

Sold out every year. All proceeds going to Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society


                   "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FISH"

We have at least 4 teams entered - Last yr. WINNER "Shawzys Lodge & Guide Service"

Samantha & Thor, "Sanchez's Dirty Cantina" Cody & Tyson, "It's all about the Fish" TSES - Frank Collins & Crew, "Shock Wave Marine Seats" Dave Smith,

Note: If you would like to join in the FUN and participate as a cooking team please call Cathy 250 934 7672 By July 6th

The food is always Fantastic & there is lots of it. A $15 ticket gets you a choice of 3 salads, plate full of samples from each of the 4 (maybe more) contestants. You will then, if you wish, participate by ballot & judge 1st, 2nd & 3rd Winners. GREAT Fun & Food!!!!

  All held on Westview Marina's Patio Pub Deck "See You There"




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Cathy & John Falavolito

(250)934-7672 Toll free 1-800-992-3252 info @westviewmarina.com

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