Fishing Report March 2015



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WINTER SPRINGS  - Lots around 8 – 18 lbs fish deep on contours. Hecate Channel around Ceepeecee, at the mouth of McBride Bay, both sides of Steamer Point “fish the lee side Depending on tide & wind”, Centre Is., Low & Outer Black Rocks. They are taking anchovies, small glow lures & Glow Hoochies. The Columbia River Chinook will be HERE at the mouth of Esperanza by the time you read this newsletter. “We will see the 1st 20lb+ on the cleaning tables SOON!!”

“THEN 30 lb+ and as always a select group of Lucky Fishers will CATCH the 40 lb+ Chinook”

HALIBUT  – Herring on a spreader bar, weight dependence tide. There are lots of schools of herring starting to spawning in Esperanza Inlet right now. It will continue well into next month. The hali are hang out near the spawning fish. About a 1/3 of the school will die after spawning making it easy feeding for the Halibut. Thousands of herring are in Nuchatlitz Islands & Bay, Rosa Harbour is loaded as well as the entire mouth of Esperanza Inlet from Brodick Creek at Garden Point. The Rolling Roadstead behind Catala Island is also loaded with spawn herring. Halibut hit the cleaning tables today 20- 50lbs. also reports of 100lb+ being released. As the water settles down Halibut will be holding in the Whales Tail out to the Whistle Buoy area. The Halibut Limits are 1 per day, 2 possession.

                            Lingcod Season opens April 1st - limits 3 per day/6 possession

 “The 2015 Fishing/Catching season has begun!!!”

“Come join the FUN and the CATCHING”


Barrie Aimes with his 2 sons from Vernon BC with 2 nice early season Haibut


Two of our Calgary Guest telling the FUN Adventurist story about boating this 37lb Tyee last summer.



           Jack Mcgee with his 1st Tyee for the 2014 season- NICE-

           FISH. Jack is also a Charter Member & President of

           WVM&LFC (Westview Marina & Lodge Fishing Club)


 Bob Saga, his daughter and son in law enjoy a mid-

April 2014 mixed bag catch. Ling Cod, Salmon, and Yellow

Eye rock fish


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 PRAWNING  - remains strong with limits, 200 per day/400 possession, generally the result after a weekend of pulling the trapes is limits.

              Generally the results after a weekend of pulling prawns traps is limits

CLAMS & OYSTERS  - Good tides have put folks on the beach lately gathering Pacific Oysters and several varieties of Clams. “Yum Yum!!!” We get lots of Fishers going after fin fish of all types with GOOD Success but not so may gathering the HUGE Abundance of Oysters & Clams.

Tahsis Inlet, McBride Bay and Graveyard Bay  are HOT SPOTS in Esperanza Inlet. In Hisnit Inlet, top end of Ewin Inlet, Hoiss Creek, Nesook Bay at the river & Marvinas Bay at the creek are ALL GOOD Gathering areas. Clams limits vary by type from 75 to 6 per day so check the regs. The most common here in our area are 75 per day 150 possession. Pacific Oysters 15 daily & 30 possession.


               Oysters, Clams & Prawns

Were the harvest of the day for Ray, Fred, and Dererk

from Alberta on March 24th 2015



 Left to right Jerry, Al and Larry all with their daily limit PRAWNS. Jerry & Larry are also chartered members of the WVM&LFC. Al is the new kid on the block.


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