2015 Pre-Season Report


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FISHING REPORT – for the Future and 2015 Salmon Season

LIKELIHOOD of an El Nino - Fishers and Oceans Canada (DFO) and NOAA are both predicting a weak El Nino (warmer water in the Pacific) over the next two months. Then a weakening of the system to an ENSO-neutral conditions (normal water temperatures) thereafter.

What does this mean for the fish and fishing? Survival and returns of Salmon off the West Coast of Vancouver Island (WCVI) are historically directly related to cool water temperature which then produces higher abundance of zooplankton (food for salmon fry). This in turn causes higher growth and survival in salmon fry and other species.

So it is GOOD News that the water temps will cool to normal temperature ranges in April, May & June when most salmon fry are leaving the rivers & streams migrating to the salt. Which is very GOOD News for the future of Salmon fishing in our area.

MORE GOOD News - this all lines up with the 2015 SALMON OUTLOOK recently produced by DFO for Nootka Sound & Esperanza Sound. Recent DNA studies have shown that 80+% of Chinook caught in Esperanza and a much higher percentage of Chinook caught in Nootka are Conuma Hatchery fish.

“This is not new NEWS for those of us who have fished the area for years”

The Conuma Hatchery fishery is projected to be as strong as it was last season, which was VERY GOOD.

Add to that MORE GOOD News —the Columbia River Chinook returns are projected to be 1 million + and the Coho will be retuning in strong number again this season. Having these Columbia run literally right on our door step at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound is a HUGE bonus to the local Salmon fishery.

“All & All the 2015 Salmon Fishing/Catching Season looks like it will Be VERY GOOD”.


Leon & Gail Walters with a Cookie Cutter Pair of Conuma Hatchery Chinooks Ed Savidge with his 32.5lb Chinook Tyee – at the Peak of the season several Tyees cross the cleaning tables DAILY!!

“Special SIX person Fishing/ Catching Salmon, Halibut, Cod Package”


ALL Inclusive – 3 Nights Lodging, 2 Days Fishing/Catching, All Meals & a Welcoming Beverage of your choice.

$780 Per Person taxes included. (this is a 6 person Package Price) $4880 total for All Six PERSONS, All Inclusive package.

We will only sell 10 of these packages So GET YOURS NOW!

Must be Booked by March 31st 2015.

These are two six pack adventures from last year!


Yes Albacore TUNA will be in our backyard again this summer. This season should be more normal than last year. Usually 20-35lb Albacore show up the 2nd week in August stay close inshore 15-20 off  until mid-September. We are in a very unique situation because of our location below Brooks Peninsula and off the Canyons of Esperanza and Kyuquot Inlets. Because of the way the southern moving current pushes around Brooks Peninsula the warmer TUNA water is pushed close in shore bring the albacore closer to the WCVI than ANYWHERE else on the Island!

Albacore Tuna Fishing/Catching is the MOST EXCITING type of fishing available on the West Coast of Vancouver Island (WCVI). A GOOD DAY can produce 20+ of these beauties while fishing on smooth Caribbean colored water in a tee shirt. Yes it is a very unique fishery one that you will not soon forget. Not only because of GREAT FISHING but the spectacular sea life which is ALWAYS in the same areas where you find TUNA. Whales, Sunfish, Hundreds of Birds, Porpoises, Sea Turtles, it goes ON & ON. If you have not experienced it TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!


Tuna on fish hooks Fillets in cooler Dave, Tyler & Myself with Tuna


Once Again we will be offering 3 types of Tuna Adventure Trips:

1st - Tuna Adventure - Each Friday starting August 8th through September 19th we will have at least one large Guided vessel  head out to the TUNA grounds. Other Days can be arranged - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Max capacity is 4 Chartered Fishers & crew
  • Thursday evening Tuna Fishing Seminar / meet & greet, Complimentary beverage
  • Full Day of fishing 8 to 12 hours Friday (unless otherwise arranged)
  • Large hardy lunch onboard
  • Cleaning & packaging fish

$475 per person taxes included (this is a 4 person package price) $1900 for 4 people taxes included

2nd  Tuna Adventure – Everything that the 1st Tuna Adventure has PLUS

TWO Nights Premium Lodging – the night before & after fishing

All meals – Dinner the day of arrival out on the patio dock or inside at the waterside Marina Grillhouse Restaurant, 3 meals on the fishing day & breakfast on your departure day.  Note that all meals are off a menu of your individual choosing.

No buying, packing, prepping, cooking, cleaning up & packing back all that extra food that you brought!  IT’S A NO BRAINER. Plus you have a nice place to stay before & after the Tuna Trip.  Most have Hot Tubs or Saunas. Make your reservation SOON!

$725 per person taxes included (this is a 4 person package price) $2900 for 4 people taxes included.

3rd - Tuna Adventure– is a Self-Guided Group Adventure:

Details – There will be an advance sign up. $100 per boat, sign up will entitle each person to the following:

Every Thursday starting on August 6th at 6pm there will be a seminar on the techniques on how, where & what you need to catch these powerful fish. These seminars will run weekly until Sept 17.

Each seminar will be held in a reserved area at the Marina on the patio deck.  It will last approximately 1 hour & will involve one complementary beverage of your choice, for each captain and crew (up to 4 per boat)

Charts and GPS headings will be distributed and discussed. A question and answer period will be an important part of our time together.

Each Friday morning we will leave the Marina at approximately 6am as a group.  There will be at least one Westview Marina large experienced Guide Boat leading the way out to the TUNA grounds. (if you choose to follow).

All Tuna Adventure Trip reservations must be booked and paid for by May 15, 2015. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NOTE: SEAT SALE 2 seats are availale on the Friday August 21 on our Guided trip. You can choose either Tuna Adventure Pkg. 1 or 2.

Let us know soon these seats will not last long!!

Seaplanes to Westview

Flying into Westview Marina & Lodge from Seattle area? Northwest Seaplane out of Renton/Lake Union scheduled fights this season are Sunday and Thursday start on June 14th through September 10th. The rate is $465 each way or $930 return. Arrangements are in place for a shuttle between SeaTac & NW Seaplane if needed.

There is also regular scheduled flights to Campbell River M,W,F & Sat. $299 per person each way.

Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ask for Shane 1-800-690-0086 or (425) 277-1590

For some “Time is Money” this may be your answer to Quick Easy Access to the most productive Salmon & Halibut Fishing EVER!!

You choose which service you want for your fishing trip.

We also have all Inclusive Pkg. for BYOB - which includes Moorage, Lodging, All Meals & for those who wish a chart orientation with GPS coordinates as to where & how to fish in our Area  


The US Dollar continues to be 20+% value over the CA Dollar. If you have ever thought about a World Class Salmon & Halibut Fishing/Catching Trip this is the year to DO IT!!!!  Westview Marina & Lodge is at the Heart of the BEST FISHING on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We have ALL INCLUSIVE PKG. for GUIDED Fishing/Catching Adventures or ALL INCLUSIVE PKG. for Bring Your Own Boat.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Limits of Ling Cod are a daily occurrence, 3 per day per person

Victoria BC Family with a Great Day of Halibut Catching 


Both these magnificent fish are in HUGE abundance in our area. Limits of LINGCOD: 3 per day per person & 6 possession as well as 2 possession for Halibut are a daily occurrence at the cleaning tables. Hali & Ling are two of the BEST eating fish in the sea.

The tender flakey white meat melts in your mouth when lightly seasoned then Grilled, Baked, Poached or Broiled.

These fish are available to catch mid-March too late in September. Let us show you where & how to score a Fish Box FULL of these Beauties!!

 Make your reservations NOW the 2015 season will be our biggest and best ever.

Bookings are well ahead of previous years. SO, CONTACT US SOON TO GET YOUR DATES RESERVED!


 Looking forward to seeing our many repeat customers and meeting our new customers!

 Make it a Great Day!

Cathy & John Falavolito