2014 Season Wrap-up





2014 Season End Wrap Up Report

* The BEST season for WEATHER that anyone can remember in our 22 years of operation.

* MORE FISH at the cleaning tables than last yr & last yr was a GOOD Fishing/Catching Season!

* LOTS OF NEW PEOPLE as well as the droves of returning Customers/Friends.

* The BEST GROUP of STAFF both new & returning that we have ever had.


Chinook Spring/ King – In volume this season was Excellent. Right out of the gate in May and June with the GREAT weather and huge runs of fish going literally right by the mouth of our inlets. Limits of 18 – 28lb Chinook were common daily occurrences. Yes there were Tyees (30lb+) boated but, not in the numbers projected. Interesting enough the largest Tyee of the year came in June as pictured below. Lots of 30lb+ Chinook came later in the season but none out weighted this 47.5 lb BRUT!!!

Jake Barker from Mount St. Helen's Oregon  with his 45.5 lbs chinook caught June 21st off Esperanza Inlet.

Ron Halsen and Jack Mcgee with Limits of Springs Austin Thompson and Matt Booth with their limits of late season Coho

Coho – Interesting year lots outside on the highway but they did not move inside until after Labour Day By then most of the Nootka Fishers are gone. In Esperanza Inlet they arrived in huge numbers and moved in way further than on normal years. Limits (4 per day) were easy to get as long as you were fishing from Grave Yard Bay in, all the way into Hecate Channel.

Kage Chittenden and friend with their limits of Halibut and Coho Sept 19th Gary and Danny Stonedahl with freind and their limits of Halibut and one Lingcod

Halibut – Cannot say we have ever seen a year with more Hali. on the cleaning tables. With the new regulations allowing for increase size/weight & little or no wind this season lots of fishers went Halibut fishing after Salmon fishing & did VERY WELL!

Albertains all really like their Lingcods

Lingcod – may be for most people the best eating fish from our Pacific N.W. waters. They are in Great Abundance off our WCVI shore and easy to catch once you have located them. Limit is 3 per day, 6 possession.

Graeme Easton and Mike Carey and their haul of Prawns from March 2014

Prawns - This spring on those sunny clear days (March to mid May)was the best ever. With limits of 200 per day, per licence it was a VERY PRODUCTIVE early season. It did not seem difficult for most to find 250ft of water (+/- 50ft) put the traps down, go back 4-6hrs later to find their traps FULL of Orange and Gold (Spot Prawns). Some fishers just prawned, but many fished for those red meated delicious Winter Springs inside the inlet. These Springs are very plentiful, ranging in weight from 8-14lbs and are great early season fighters. How does Prawns & Salmon sound for dinner. See you a little earlier in 2015!!!

Click HERE to view video season end Fishing Report 2014

WOW! - What a fantastic season!!!!

The weather.....the fishing.....THE season. Thank you to all of our wonderful friends / customers and newcomers. We hope to see you all again next season. Speaking of next season, we are booking up fast! We are at a record high for booked accommodations for this time of year! Accommodations, moorage, Fishing and Eco Charters....set your dates now so that you are not disappointed! Our new fleet of rental 24 foot fishing boats was a huge success. Why not give them a try! Don't forget Rock the Dock every Friday night with Steak Night. Hang on 2015 season will be here before you know it!

Thank you for a Great Season!

Cathy and John Falavoito