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Albacore Tuna Fishing is NOT just for tuff guys.

Last evening Brook Stockton participated in our Thursday Tuna Seminar. Brook is not new to Albacore fishing but has never done it in B.C. waters. As you can see below he was fishing with his family. With coordinates and charts that Brook got at the seminar he and his family left the dock at about 8:30 am. At 3pm returned with 6 Tuna & Huge Smiles. They will be back.

Four friends & Great Guys from Kamloops Area out on their annual fishing trip Aug.29/14.

Today was their first go at Albacore Tuna West Coast B.C. style. Their trip produced 18 Tuna averaging 25lbs ea. It also produced lots of Good Stories.

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Fred Menu, Paul Christie, Frank Passmore, and Lee Dodds

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