September 2014 Preview





1) Halibut Regulations Change for the BETTER starting September 1st, 2014

Same size limits and possession limits - The GOOD change is that you can take 2 per day.

So only ONE trip to the hali. holes to get your possession limits

2) TUNA, TUNA, TUNA  They are HERE pretty much on schedule with the average 5 year trend of Albacore Tuna returning to our area.

Last week on Wednesday August 20th three boats from the Nootka area went searching. Results 3 boats 9 fishers 4 Tuna.

Yesterday on Wednesday August 27th three boats from the same area went CATCHING. Results 3 boats, 12 fishers 45 Tuna. YES they have Arrived!!!

Our 1st Scheduled Albacore Tune Charter is tomorrow, Friday. We have high expectation for GREAT results.

We have the data necessary to pin point the correct water conditions & locations, weather & wave info, and the resent success of our friends to ensure a bountiful trip.

TONIGHT will be our 1st of every Thursday’s Tuna Seminar which will cover – Tackle & set up, effective catching techniques, safety, VHF channels, Search patterns & much more. Start at 6pm to 7pm $100 per boat / included if you are charting with Westview.  All who attend seminar are welcome to fallow us out on Friday morning to the Tuna Grounds.

 Amanda Hancar and Don McRea (from Victoria) and Capitan Ian Moore (from Chemanus - not shown) brought in these 15 Albacore Tuna to Westview Marina Today!

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