New Coho Regulations




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Limit of Coho Caught TODAY! out by Low rock! by a group of Albertans. 
Lots of 15 - 25 lbs chinook are coming across the cleaning tables also!


Coho regulation you are going to like. The Local Sport Fishery Advisory Committees, The Chinook/Coho Working Group and the Sport Fishery Advisory Board have been working with The Department of Fisheries and  Oceans since April to update the Coho fishing regulations for the South Coast region.  

With the projections of a large return of Coho to the US and South Coast CDN along with the continued concerns for Interior Fraser Coho stocks. The resolutions noted below were a balance between improved opportunities for the recreational fishery and protection of Coho stocks of concern.  These processes Work to the benefit of ALL.

Always remember "IT’s ALL ABOUT THE FISH"

Hot off the DFO Press   ---  

NEW COHO REGULATIONS for 2014 for Recreational Fishery

Effective Date:

June 28:

Johnstone St.- 2 Coho per day either hatchery or wild

Georgia St. North – 2 Coho per day with only 1 wild

Georgia St. South – 2 Coho per day with only 1 wild

WCVI Inshore (inside the surfline) – 4 per day hatchery or wild

WCVI Offshore (outside the surfline) – 2 per day with only 1 wild

September 1

Juan de Fuca – 2 per day with only 1 wild

Area 20-1 & 20-2 will have increased limits in September & October for local Coho

WCVI Offshore (outside the surfline) – 4 per day with only 1 wild

September 31

Fraser River – window closure will be eliminated one week earlier allowing for directed Coho (hatchery only) fishing with bait.

The Commercial Prawners left 2 weeks ago and the prawns are still some around! 
 Nick Nied from Snoqualmi WA. and Bret Bolcom from Essaquah WA. with their haul from June 23rd