February 2014






FISHING REPORT-SALMON- It is more than fair to say:

“The 2013 SEASON was the year of largest Chinook and Coho Salmon runs since the 1990s”

Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound were plugged with fish from late May right through to late September. It all started with the American Columbia River Chinook (Springs/Kings). These fish were plentiful at the mouth of both Inlets feeding heavily on sand lances (needle fish). That is why white and glow needle fish Hoochie, Coho Killer lures and 4.5/5in anchovies worked so well in the early to midseason. Thing are looking up for another GREAT season for these USA fish again.

The Washington/Oregon Departments of Fisheries reported in 2013 - 1.1million Chinook Salmon returned through the Bonneville dam on the Columbia River. That was the largest return since 1938 and 2014 Chinook  forecast  is even larger. So places like Ferrer Pt., Pin Rk., all around Catala Is. and Rosa Harbor will be excellent fishing/catching in Esperanza Inlet and the Nootka Lighthouse. Bajo Reef, Burdwood and Escalante areas will be GOOD producers in Nootka Sound. Last year our Dept. of Fisheries under estimated our local West Coast Vancouver Island (WCVI) Chinook retuning stocks by a lot,  in particular the Conuma River Hatchery run. The projections were for 15,000 Adult Chinook to return to Conuma. The final count was 60,000+. WCVI Chinook abundance is projected to be slightly up this season. That’s all GOOD news for the midseason July/August Chinook Fishing. For those who have fished in Esperanza Inlet in the past you know that a good run for Conuma Hatchery means not only lots of hardy Chinooks for Nootka but lots of Hatchery fish stacked up at the mouth of Esperanza. Up to 35% of the Conuma run actually comes into inner Esperanza Inlet and migrates down Hecate Chanel to Tahsis Inlet, then south to Nootka Sound. Remember since 2011 Salmon fishing has been open from the mouth of Tahsis Narrows (Mozino Pt.) all the way out to the open ocean.

The Largest run of Coho (Silvers) Salmon in 15 years was forecasted to come too our area last season. It was in fact the” Best Coho FISHING and Largest RUN EVER.” On June 1st limits were increase to 4 per day 8 possession. It will be the same this year on limits and the run of COHO is expected to be LARGER.

Check out the fishing regs. for details. Regulations are posted and available at the Westview Marina Tackle Shop. We also have all the tackle, gear & bait at reasonable prices to catch FISH in our area.

Steve Pilkington with caption Jim Weaver both from Billings Montana with a 32lb TYEE caught at Ferrer Pt. on anchovy

July 11th 2013

David “POPS” Langley with caption/son Shawn Langley from Linden Washington 38.5lb TYEE caught on the Hwy. in front of Esperanza Inlet caught on a 602 Titan 6in lure

 August 4th 2013

Tyler Hunt his Caption was Dave Smith both from Sidney BC With a 44lb TYEE caught on the Hwy on a large Lure

September 4th 2013


This year is even better than last year’s bargain. As we have in the past- if you make and pay for your reservation* between now and February 28th 2014 you will receive a 10% discount. In addition to that for those of you who are paying in US dollars you will receive another 9% because of the exchange rate* US to CA. So get those reservations made TODAY so you can take advantage of the DISCOUNT & Get the dates you want for those reservations.

*Reservation will include- moorage, lodging, meal packages, fishing & eco charters, U-drive rental boat charters & kayak rentals

*US to CA exchange vary daily. You will receive the exchange discount on the date which you make the reservation. E-amil: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recently we were visited by two of our adult children and their families.

On this day the four Gals went SHOPPING. The 6 guys (2 sons, 3 Grandsons & the old guy on the right) went FISHING.

The boat we were on was AWESOME TOO- a 35ft long 12ft beam Black Fin Cruiser” What a fishing  machine it is. The fish pictured is one of 3 Stripped Marlin who rose to our bait that day. Others were released. This 136lb beauty came to the boat mortally wounded so we kept it. We also caught & kept 5 Dorado in the 25lb class. It was a GREAT day had by all. Not soon to be Forgotten . www.awesome-sportfishing.com

We Have Upgraded our Kayak Fleet!

We still have our tandem Necky Ocean kayaks which are amazing for viewing wildlife in the local estuary with a friend or going on an island hopping adventure in the Nuchatlitz Park. These Neckys have lots of storage space and are incredibly stabile, and are ready to take you on an adventure!

New for 2014 we now added 2 new XO11 Point 65n single Kayaks to our fleet! These are top of the line polyethylene kayaks with all the bells and whistles, from adjustable skegs for stability to large watertight storage spaces for your gear. Light weight and durable these new additions are great for exploring the local waters, photography, and even fishing!


All our rentals come with safety gear, paddles, and spray skirts and we offer water taxi pick up and drop off services to your destinations.

MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS TODAY!!  It seems in July & August we never have enough boats!!!

Duration  Rate 
 2 hours  $30
 4 hours  $40
 Full Day  $50


As Cathy & I travel around we make a point to drop by other Marinas, Lodges, Resorts & Adventure Activity Outfits

Over the last couple of years we have noted a upswing in paddle boarding and mountain biking. We’ve even see them show up on the water & logging road in Tahsis.

We are considering one or both of these activities/rentals from the Marina. We would like to have you input.

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Get Ready for Halibut Season NOW!!!

It's Going to be a good one!

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