December 2013





December 2013

  1. December -Typically one of the 3 rainiest months of the year in Tahsis B.C. From the forecasts it will live up to its reputation. That is not all bad, we had a very dry summer & projections are for more of the same next year. Our forest, mountains, streams and rivers need these heavy down pours to maintain the pristine wilderness which we all enjoy in season and the fabulous fishing which is a direct result of the health of our local environment.

The Trip - Cathy and I have made our trek south visiting with family (grandchildren) and yes their parents, friends/customers. It was fun to take a side trip into the high desert region of southern Calif. & Arizona. Thanks for the super hospitality of Ev & Bill Hoffman, Sally & Jerry Froland & Larry Bryant. We had a wonderful time and visit. By the way Lobo & Lacie (our dogs/kids) especially liked the many golf courses fairways (runways). Thanks again for everything but especially your friendship.

The Holiday - We have been in Baja for a little over a week and have fished twice already!! Once with a group of 10 friends in 5 small boats. Lots of Dorado caught & one 180 lb. Striped Marlin (Way to go Mike Cummings). Our boat (Cathy & I) caught 5 Dorado 10 -30 lbs. & two 25 lb. Needlefish. Of course Cathy out fished me as usual. Yesterday I had the privilege to fish with 3 friends (Greg Trefethen, Jim Hinkley & Vic Marefka) in the “Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic Tournament”. We caught & released 2 huge Striped marlin in the 250 lb. range & also boated a 150 lb. Sail fish.  No winning fish but we all felt like winners, IT WAS A GREAT DAY.

The 2013 Season was by far our Busiest and Best season in the 21yr. history of Westview Marina & Lodge.We have been discovered by many new customers, primarily from the Canadian prairies and right here on Vancouver Island. Thanks to them & our many existing satisfied friends/ customer we are already looking forward to another strong 2014 season.
If you have not already booked your moorage, lodging, fishing charters, All inclusive fishing package, kayaks, or ECO tour you should contact us soon so can meet your required needs and dates.

Local Fish Projections for 2014 Season:

Chinook Salmon- Spring/ Kings - 2013 had the strongest run in number of fish in over 10 yrs. The run was dominated by 15- 25lb fish, these were 3 year old fish in the majority. The season produced daily Tyees (30+ lbs.) but not as many as usual. 2014 runs will be dominated by 4 & 5 year old fish. Which means 30 – 40 lb. will be in abundance. Make sure your gear is in top shape for these Brutes.  

Coho/Silvers Salmon –In 2013 the DFO was absolutely correct (don’t get to say that too often / lol). The projection for the largest Coho/silver return ever was right on the money. The expanded limits of 4 per day per person with 8 in possession did not even put a dent in the numbers of retuning fish.  2014 projections are much the same. The expanded limits will start again on June 1st for the entire season in Esperanza Inlet & most of Nootka Sound. Get ready for lots of these delicious aerobatic fish.

Halibut -The 2013 slot limit was generally a good success. It kept the season open all season without the premature closing of the past couple of years and there were lots of Hali on the cleaning tables daily.  2014 may see some minor changes to regulations that will make it easier to manage this fishery and help anglers retain more fish.

Lingcod -For our supper table these fish are the tastiest fish in our waters. For those who know where and how to target them they are in abundance. Limits are generous with 3 per day and 6 in possession. 2014 will be a Good Ling Year. For tips on where & how to catch them stop by our tackle shop for GPS info and more.

TUNA, TUNA,TUNA -Yes Albacore Tuna became a VERY Successful  fishery in 2013. These fish are pound for pound the hardest fighting fish in our waters. They are delicious when steaked, marinated and gilled, turned into sashimi, smoked & canned.  They are very assessable out of Esperanza Inlet, less than 20 miles out from shore (less than ½ the distance out from other places) & EASY to catch with the right gear. Yes a good Hali rod & reel setup will work just fine. For more TIPS, Details, Seminars & Charters see our last two Newsletters (October & November) available on our web page. Go to our home page – you will find the news letters under resources.  

Looking forward to seeing you for the 2014 Season. The Marina will open the week of March 9th For you early bird Prawners, Halibut & Winter Spring/King Fishery.

Fuel, Bait, Tackle, Lodging, Moorage, Charters, Coffee shop & Marine Services will be available at that time.


Cathy & John