Canadian and American Bald Eagles





June Fishing Report!

  Fishing report-Well at this point all projections for a HUGE West Coast Vancouver Coho salmon run are TRUE.  Thousands of them are stacked at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet. From Double Is. to Low Rock, the Pins & Rosa Harbor it takes less than an hour to boat your daily limit of 4 of these wild fighting delicious fish. 
If you’re looking for large Chinook just move down island to Ferrer Pt. where 25-35lb big shouldered fish are now being caught daily. Chinook are also in good numbers on the highway (50 fathom line). Halibut & Ling Cod continue to be brought to the cleaning tables in large quantities. Many locals have noted that the excellent fishing is at least two weeks ahead on normal. 

Check out our Webcam to see the Fishermen and their catches, and watch how they clean their fish

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Canadian / American Bald Eagles!

Haliaeetus leucocephalus, more commonly known as the Bald Eagle, due to the lack of hair on its head, instead it has beautiful white plumage which is easily recognisable. This species has gained notoriety from not only being beautiful to watch but as the national bird and animal of the United States. In Tahsis we are lucky to have several nesting pairs of eagles nearby who stop in to the marina almost daily to feed on the fish leftover from the fishermen, and they are truly amazing to watch.

Photo by Sean Webber

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