End of April




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Cathy and John


Halibut, Lingcod, & Winter Springs / Kings Fishing has been excellent!!!

Limit of Halibut and Lingcod   15lbs Winter Spring     Limit of Lingcod                      


Great News from the Department of Fishery

Stating June 1st in all inside water (surf line in) of Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound, daily limits of Coho/silvers (clipped or not) will be raised to 4 per day with a possession limit of 8. In the past these bag limits were 2 per day /4 possession then raised to 4 per day /8 possession on Sept 1st. This is a full 3 months earlier & runs through the entire season. THIS IS A REAL “BONUS” 

Chinook/Kings We have ducked a very real bullet. In Port Alberni Inlet their return is expected to be down by over 60%.

Sever regulation restrictions on Chinook fishing will be in place, in Port Alberni, all season long.

Our local Area 25 return will be down a little but all regulation for fishing & retention will remain Exactly the same as last year in Esperanza inlet. There will be some minor changes in Nootka Sound to protect returning wild stock but general the Fishing/Catching should be the same as last year.

ALL regulation & retention limits for OFF SHORE Area 125 Chinook fishing remain the same. Prospects for that fishery continue to grow stronger because of the USA mammoth hatchery systems. Expect more Tyees (over 30lb Chinook) off shore this season.

Prawn Fishing remained strong through the entire month of April & there have been some GREAT tides for those ever plentiful Tasty OYSTERS

A friend once share with me his Best Kept Fishing Secret for Catching Fish-
“To GO Were the Fish ARE- TAHSIS BC”