Cruising Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound





SUMMER FISHING OUT LOOK—SALMON--  COHO RUNS WILL BE HUGE,  CHINOOK GOOD NUMBER JUNE THROUGH SEPT WITH LOTS OF 5+YR OLD FISH,WHICH MEANS LARGE NUMBERS OF 30 PLUS LB. TYEES--  LIMITS OF HALIBUT & LINGCOD SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM ALONG WITH OTHER GROUND/BOTTOM FISH.  Sharpen those hooks the season will be upon us soon. If you haven’t yet make your reservation do so soon we are booking up earlier than we have ever in the past. That’s a good thing but, we want to make sure your needs are met.

See you soon

Cathy & John

Back in November our wonderful corner of the world was featured in Pacific Yachting Magazine, the article is presented to you below.