Birds of a Feather





If you must work there is no better place in the world to do so. The majority of the season is absolutely gorgeous weather. The Village is, as you may know, located in a pristine west coast wilderness teaming with wildlife. Westview Marina & Lodge has been discovered by outdoor enthusiasts from all over North America & beyond. The combination of World Class fishing for Salmon, Halibut & other bottom fish harmonized together with the multiplicity of services i.e.: 1st class Restaurant, latte Café, Patio Pub, Lodging with spectacular views & much more has got raving reviews from both new & long-time customers. On a daily bases we get compliments on our well trained happy staff, Quality of meals and service, & our facilities---WHAT BETTER PLACE COULD WE CALL OUR OFFICE, WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE. Cathy & John are pleased to share their piece of paradise with customers/friends.


This has been a very unusual winter for Cathy & I.  In the past many years, winter brings a time of rest, relaxation, & renewal for us, after many months of our season (Mar-Oct) of 7 days a week & 8-14 hr. per day.

For us winter is not a time for hibernation but a very social time when we visit family & friends all over North America (Canada to Mexico) & sometimes beyond.

This year, however, for some quite strange & substantial medical reasons we had to remain at home. Don’t worry the doctors have found the cure & will soon put my (John’s) hip back together. I’ll be fine!!!

The purpose of this writing is to reflect on what our off time means to us.


We will not use real names to protect the innocent but, ALL of the following happened.

Bucket list: The vast majority of persons receiving this newsletter have been to Westview Marina & lodge. You know that it is generally a very energetic & fun place with lots of activities for young & old. While setting around the deck campfire one evening with approximately 15 Guest (friends) Cathy said:

“can’t wait until October because we have an item to mutually check off our bucket lists”. She went on to tell the group that we were headed to Las Wages (Vegas) to see a Jimmy Buffet concert. Next thing we knew one of the fellows sitting around the fire announces that he & his wife were going to same concert. We agree to E-mail each other & meet up in Vegas.

On the day of the concert we agree to meet Sally & Doug at the Margaritaville Café where the block party was being held to warm up for the concert. We took a taxi to the Café. We arrive & got out of the cab, on the curb as we got out of the cab, we met 2 more customer (friends) Barb & Paul. The 4 of us proceeded to our rendezvous location to meet Doug & Sally. When we found them, guess what. They are group of 6 not 2, ALL folks who have been to Westview. Let us further set the stage- there where thousands of people at this block party it includes all blocked off streets completely surrounding the Flamingo Hotel which is where the Margaritaville Café is located. Before the afternoon was over our group had grown to 21 people most of which were all Westview Marina & Lodge regular customers. The most entertaining member of our group was Craig. He had been to over 25 of Jimmy Buffet concerts. He was decked out in a palm leaf skirt, a coconut bra, & a parrot head dress. The group dubbed him King of the Parrot heads. We all needed to go back to our hotels & rest up for the concert.

In retrospect with the size of that crowd we are reasonable sure there were other Westview Parrot heads in that 4 thousand folks who were at the concert.


This kind of thing has happen to us several times. May it be in Mexico, Alaska, Costa Rica, Florida, Panama, Texas or Washington we bump into people of like minds & sprits often. Many of which have been to the Marina or who have close friends whom have been up to fish with us. These people tend to act younger than their actual age, be very active socially, most are A to AAA personality (not always the guys). These folks are driven by their enthusiasm for life, tend to be avid fishermen/ women & generally enjoy other outdoor activities. By their nature these people (men & women) look to be around similar minded folks who have a love of Nature & Life. As we read this we Laugh Out Loud (LOL) WHY? Most of the people we are talking about are 55 to 80 plus yrs. young. Mostly, based on trends, who will live happily well into their 90’s with good health.

Do You See a Theme Here??

Cathy & I have talked about this phenomenon in the past but, not being able to enjoy our friends during this off season has truly made us aware of the gift we have.

“MARGARITAVILLE NORTH” aka Westview Marina & Lodge is a chosen lifestyle which we share with our customers & friends.

Looking Forward to another Great season of Fish, Fun, & Friends




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