Summer Fishing 2012

Summer has finally arrived in TAHSIS…

And so have the Fishermen and Women!

The Chinook started showing up in good numbers the first week of June but with the bumpy seas it was tough getting after them. However, since June 15th the Chinook Daily leader board has had 20 + lbs. every day with Brian Dunic leading the season so far with a 32lb catch at 4 mile Reef on June 27th.

To date most of the catches have come from Tatouche Pt., Ferrer Pt., and believe it or not right in front of Ceepeecee in The Cut with several mid 20lb fish (Anchovy at 80ft).

Halibut – Lots everywhere, even in close at Ferrer Pt., the Whales Tail, and High Rocks. Hali are plentiful in the 15-65 lb. range (Extra-large herring).

Lingcod – Lings seem to be bigger this year with 20-30lb being an everyday event. Estevan Pt., Bajo Reef, Outer Black Rock, Halfway Reef, and Obstruction Reef are leading the catch areas. (Large herring on a spreader bar).

The days ahead, the next two weeks, are predicted to be warm and sunny, 16°C/65°F up to 20°C/75°F with little wind and good tides.

Those of you who have fished here in the past know what that means…