July 15th 2012


Has come and gone. Our fishing remains strong.

New regulations as of July 15

Lots of good news along with the normal changes

Esperanza: Coho and Chinook- Significant new areas have been opened up in Hacate Channel (you can now fish all the way up to the Tahsis narrows), partly up Zeballos inlet, Espinosa inlet, and Port Eliza. Detailed charts available for all areas at:


Coho – any Coho (both hatchery marked and wild) that meet the minimum size limit of 50cm can be retained from the surf line in (including all the new areas). Limits are 2 per day from July 15 to August 31 and starting September 1st it jumps to 4 per day. The same limits apply for outside the surf line but only hatchery marked fish may be retained.

Coho fishery is strong the fish are getting larger every week! With 12lbs leading the board, caught yesterday near Double Island behind Catala Island. In the next couple of weeks the fish will be in the mid to high teens in weight with 20+lbs Northerners showing up in mid-August.

Chinook – People are moving out to the highway (HWY) with good results at the pins and basically anywhere directly off Esperanza Inlet at 200ft of water. Just drop your lines to 120 – 150 ft and hang on. Anchovies or large spoons are working the best.

Nootka: Coho and Chinook – Again significantly more inside waters to fish. Chinook special note, of 1 over and 1 under 77 cm areas are Tahsis inlet from Hoiss point all the way to the top of Bodgea island and all of Kendrick Inlet, on both sides of Strange island. Also the majority of Zuclarte channel is also open to 1 over and 1 under 77 cm, see the website for details.

Coho – The boundaries have been simplified with the exception of the mouth of Nootka Sound, the surf line to Discovery point and Santa Gertrudis Cove (Read the Regulations). Generally any coho marked or wild on the inside and only marked outside of the surf line.

Good number of early Conuma Hatchery and feeder springs showing up in the 1 over / 1 under areas and lots of coho!