August 1st 2012


The newly opened areas for Chinook and Coho are a sensation of success stories! Lots of 24 to 27 pound Chinook and some Tyees, 30+ pounds and Coho are so plentiful they sometimes get in the way of getting down to the Chinook.

They opened on July 15th and at the same time we had a weather event on the outside that caused very rough seas everywhere outside the inlets. The result was that the new areas got alot of traffic. Especially good catching occurred in the lower Tahsis inlet, Kendrick inlet, and Zuciarte channel, these 3 areas are one over 77 cm (30.5 inches) and one under 77cm (30.5 inches) per day for Chinook and 2 Coho per day wild or hatchery marked. Check the regulations for specific locations at Hecate channel, Salter bay, and Steamer point were also big hits, 2 Chinook under 77cm (30.5 inches) per day and 2 Coho wild or hatchery marked.

Benefits of the NEW AREAS!

  • They are close by, at most 10-25 minutes away
  • Perfect for those late afternoon or evening fish
  • If you have young people aboard there is always something to keep them interested because you are fishing shorelines. Seals and eagles are always around, at low tide Bears are always a great attraction.
  • Nobody will get sick, the waters are flat it is like fishing on a lake.
  • No safety issues related to big seas and being miles off shore.
  • There is enough newly opened water that rarely will there be too large of a crowd – no more 50 boats in Rosa harbor


How to fish – Generally 45–60 feet down, speed 1–2mph (1.5mph is perfect) using anchovies with a flasher. Try using the new Kite flasher, it makes a full revolution at any speed! available at Westview Marina and Lodge's Tackle store!


See You Soon!