Summer Update 2012

It's Hot

The Fishing, The Weather, and The Water

Summer is in full swing and the fishing has generally moved offshore (1-6 miles out) with excellent results. The waters have been remaining calm most of the day to at least 1pm and some days have been like a mill pond all day. The fish are deep this year, probably because the ocean waters are much warmer (16°C/64°F) this year which has driven the bait down.

Most fishing is near the highway, 150 – 300ft depth. Trolling anchovies with flashers and large spoons (6-7 inches) without flashers at 10 -20ft off of the bottom, this has produced some great results and a real mixed bag of fish. Trolling that deep produces Halibut, Lingcod, and other ground fish along with Chinook. Just the other day (August 5th) a boat with 3 people aboard landed 6 Chinook, 18-30lbs, 3 hatchery marked Coho (caught as they were bringing the lines up to check the bait), 3 Halibut, one of which was a 112 lb. (caught on salmon gear), 7 Lingcod and a variety of ground and rock fish. This type of result is becoming the norm rather than the exception while fishing deep near and on the Highway.