Derby Time & BIg Fish

Derby Time and Big Fish

Friday August 24th & Saturday August 25th are the dates of the Salmon Enhancement Derby.

The largest Chinook, Coho, Halibut and Cod all get great prizes with the hidden weights, 2nd and 3rd place in each categories, and all the other prizes, lots of happy people will be leaving the Awards Banquet Saturday night.

The big Chinook have arrived outside. The first 40 lb. was caught by Dano Trozzo on August 8th at the Highway. Every day the Chinook leader board is eclipsed many times with the daily winner being a 30lb + fish.

100 lb. Hali are a daily occurrence with mid 40 lb. being the norm.

Coho are getting bigger by the day and we expect the first 20lb any day now.

20 to 30lb Ling Cod are on the cleaning table regularly with the present 2012 leader being a 45lb caught by Kiley Floor on July 14th.

The ocean conditions have in the majority been calm, allowing most people to get outside to do very well on their catches.

Warm waters inside Esperanza Inlet and especially Nootka sound (64°F/16°C) are holding most fish outside. Local experts are saying with the first good rainfalls, the fish will move inside with gusto!

There has been no significant rain fall in our area for 4 weeks and none projected in the near future.

Come join the fun at this year’s Salmon Enhancement Derby!!!

“It’s all about the fish!”