WOW! August 2012


“Wow” is the word that describes the fishing best.

The fishing continues strong but this week has topped the season.

Tyee (+30lb) Chinook are coming in at a rate not seen in years. Monday alone 11 fish topped the scales over 30lbs.

Pictured above, Graham Nielsen and his 38 lb fish, caught by him and his wife Alana.

Each day the Tyee’s battle for the top spot on the daily leader board.

The question at the dock each day is NOT “Did you catch fish?”, its “Did you tub (limit) out?”!

Seriously the fishing and waters are great!1 All the catching is on the highway. The waters of Nootka and Esperanza are still very warm and the fish are holding outside. Generally the seas have remained calm which increases the catches. Most fishing is being done in 180-280 feet of water and down deep 150-180 with anchovies, large lures, and in some cases Coho killers.

It has not rained here in weeks. With the first down pour the Coho will move inside and start holding in their normal spots: all around Center Island, Saltiery Bay, etc. To date 17lb Coho has been the record caught by Tom Degling on August 20th. The 20lb Coho will be caught with the first good rain.

See you soon!


Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Derby

here at Westview Marina.

Friday August 24th, and Saturday August 25th

Lots of Great Prizes!

“It’s all about the fish!”