September Openings and Closures

September Openings and Closures

Sept 1 – Dec 31: 4 Coho per day, per licence, 8 in possession.

Check the regulations for specific details but in general inside water you can keep wild and hatchery marked fish, outside waters hatchery marked only.

The Coho are moving into Esperanza Inlet right now – the last two days of rain have brought lots of fish in and around Catala island, Rosa harbour and the mouth of Port Eliza.

Sept 10 – Dec 31: halibut fishing will close. Actually, its 11:59pm on Sept 9th but theres not much recreational fishing of any type that is active at midnight.

The estimated catch information collected by DFO indicates that the recreational share of the Total Allowable Catch (15% - up from 12% last year) will be achieved by earlier September.

The closure comes as no surprise to those who are close to the fishery. Hali fishing has been excellent most of the season.

These fish were caught on Sunday, August 26th.

71lb, 52lb, 44lb, 32lb Hali’s caught at the Pinacles.

One day too late for the derby, 38lb catch on the Highway by Scott Gunning.