End of the Season 2012

Weather is Great / Fishing is Good!


And yes the rivers are very low because we have had little to no rain since late June of this year.

Yes it is the driest summer on record!

There is good news for the fish in spite of the dryness.

Volunteers (lots of them) in co-operation with the management team and employees of the federal Conuma hatchery have been working diligently gathering Chinook eggs and sperm in the lower pools and estuaries of local streams and rivers. To date nearly 4 million eggs have been gathered. These eggs will result in approximately 3,680,000 smolts for release in the spring of 2013. The breakdown by river system is:

Target Chinook Smolt Release for Spring 2013

River Smolt

Burman                                 350,000

Gold                                      300,000

Sucwoa                                   40,000

Tulpana                                  40,000

Conuma                                2,700,000

Leiner / Tahsis                         250,000

Total                           3,680,000

More good news – It is thought by Locals and Fishery Biologists alike that there are still a number of fish holding in deep cold waters offshore. They are waiting for the first large Fall rainfall to arrive which will again make the spawning beds accessible.

Keep your fingers crossed, the weather is projected to get cool and wet by later this week and through the weekend.

Fishing is great – Lingcod, yelloweye and most other ground fish are coming in by the bucket full.

Prawning is excellent and the sea remains calm while we wait for the rain.