Mid November



Winter is upon us with single digit (centigrade) temperatures daily. Last night was our first night of snow, which as per usual was washed away by lots rain in the morning.


Speaking of which, RAIN!!! It is a good thing for the fish! Lots of late running Chinook and some Coho finally found their spawning beds. Between the over 3 million fertilized Chinook eggs, which the various Nootka and Esperanza Hatcheries gathered before the rain started, and the natural spawn, things are looking good for the returns in 2016.

2013 --> More details will be available after all the data is sorted through, but preliminary outlooks are excellent for Chinook and good returns for Coho next season in our area.




For You Do It Yourselfers

Tips for basic boat winterization – if you haven’t done it already.

  1. Stabilize your gas in all tanks – If you are running ethanol gasoline then ask for stabilizer that is specifically designed for that type of gas.
  2. Run stabilized gas through all engines – Run engines for about 5 minutes then disconnect or shut off the gas to the engines and let them burn the gas out of the motors.
  3. Disconnect the negative terminal on all batteries.
  4. Pull all electronics out of the boat, if possible – Store inside a warm and dry environment and pull all boat cushions if the boat is stored where it is not well vented or heated.
  5. Get the boat under cover and out of the weather – Garage, carport, tarp, whatever. The warmer and dryer your boat and motors are over winter the less problems you will have come spring time.
  6. Pull out the drain plugs and make sure the bow of the boat is higher than the stern so that it will drain.


Those are the basics, without getting under the cowling.




For our Customers and Freinds of you who live south of the Canadian border, we are hoping you have a great, blessed, and safe Thanks Giving.



Make sure you make your moorage, lodging, and meal plan reservation for 2013 soon. Yes we are filling up and our desire is to meet your requests – E-mail is the best way to contact us – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2013 Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Derby will be held on Friday August 23rd and Saturday August 24th.


We will be opening the 2013 season on Friday March 15th with gas, marine supplies, fishing tackle, and coffee shop. The prawning is over the top good, so don’t forget your traps, also Halibut and Lingcod fishing are good and close inside.

The Grillhouse Restaurant and patio pub opens on Friday May 17th 2013.



See you in the spring