June 28th 2011

Fishing Late June

Salmon – Lots around and close in.
Chinook in the mid 20 lb range (23 – 28lbs) are the norm, with the occasional Tyee of 30+ lbs.
Coho are in big schools, most around 8 – 12 lbs.
Chum – 1st one of the year today – 14lbs by Garry Martin from Lisle Ontario
Bottom Fish – The Best Season Ever so far!
Halibut – 40lbs seem to be the average fish and everyone is getting their possession limit (of 2) close in.
Lingcod, Yellow eye, Canaries, Sea Bass, and other species, are stretched out on the tables daily.

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Ground Fish / White Meat

Yum! Yum! (Any kind of cod or halibut)
Easy, Fast Delicious when Poached / Steamed

-    ½ lb / 8oz of fish per person, skinned
-    2 cups of dry white wine
-    Old Bay seafood seasonings
You will also need a poacher or any pot with a lid and a rack to suspend the fish above the liquid.

- Place wine in the pot / poacher, on medium heat. Warm until wine begins to simmer.
- Place fish on rack, sprinkle generously with Old Bay seafood seasoning, and place lid on pot poacher.
- Let steam until fish has white juice on top and is flaky, DO NOT over cook!
-Serve with rice and salad.

Just for Laughs!

An old man named Scotty lost his wife 5 years earlier, and was very lonely. He recently had a dream where his deceased wife had come to talk to him. She suggested that he get on with his life and find a companion to spend his time with.
Three days later on a Friday afternoon he turned up in the towns most luxurious and expensive jewelry store. Accompanying him is a gorgeous 28 year old young lady. He introduced himself and his friend to the store manager. Scotty tells the manager that he would like to buy his friend a beautiful piece of jewelry.
The manager started by showing the couple a lovely diamond necklace. The old man said that the necklace was very nice but was thinking of something much more expensive. After reviewing several more expensive pieces, the manager brought out the most expensive piece of jewelry in the store, a huge diamond ring surrounded by other precious stones. Upon seeing it the young lady’s eyes lit up and her body quivered. Scotty seeing her reaction immediately told the manager that that ring was exactly the gift that he was looking for.
The young lady tried the ring on and gushed about how beautiful it was. The manager noted that the ring needed to be sized to fit. The manager asked Scotty how he would like to pay for the ring and Scotty responded that he would pay by check. Scotty then added that he realized that the manager would need to verify that the funds were available with the bank and that he and his friend would be back Monday afternoon when the check had been cleared and the ring resized to fit the young lady.
On Monday around 11am the manager called Scotty at home to inform him that the ring had been resized to fit his friend but that there was a problem with the check. It seemed that there were insufficient funds in the account to cover the check.
Scotty laughed hardily and loudly. He informed the manager that he had been aware that there wasn’t enough money in the account, but to smooth things over with the jewelry manager he asked if he would like to hear about what a wonderful weekend that Scotty had with his young lady friend.