Summer 2011


Is a day to day thing but the good news is there are far more NO Rain Days than rainy ones.


Fishing is OVER THE TOP we have not seen it any better in over 20 years. Tyee (over 30lb) Chinook are a daily occurrence on the dock and the 25-29lb salmon are stacked like fire wood on the cleaning tables. 43 ½ lbs is the Largest to date, caught by Hank Albert from Edmonton. Halibut and lingcod are not only large but plentiful. Coho are here in mass both inside and off shore.


The great news about the weather is NO WIND, which means that the Highway is the perfect place to fish for those large salmon and halibut.

Rick Fubar with his 34lbs Chinook Caught out at the Highway.

Don Luckenbach, from Alberta, with his 44lbs Lingcod