August 2011

August 2011


Summer has finally arrived and fishing remains over the top. Salmon are so thick it’s hard not to limit by noon on both Chinook and Coho. Tyee Chinook (over 30lbs) are becoming more frequent. The masses of Chinook are in the high twenties (27, 28, 29 lbs) and we have had lots of Coho in the mid teens, with the largest to date being 18.5lbs caught by Henry Samson from Fort McMurry, B.C. By mid August and certainly September 20lb Coho are a certainty. Halibut and Lingcod continue to hit the cleaning table in good numbers daily. Prawns and crab are also coming in daily.


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Current Records:

Chinook    - Rick Fubar                    34lbs   July 20th

Coho        - Henry Samson               18.5lbs  July 29th

Chum       - Gary Martin                   14lbs   June 25th

Halibut      - Dale Baker                   148      June 8th

Ling Cod    - Dandy Don Luckebach  44lbs    July 18th

Rock Cod   - John Kreuger               16.5lbs  July 13th