September 1st 2011

September 1st!


Shorter Days, Cooler Nights, Lots of Sunshine, and No Wind!

Large schools of Coho all around Center Island on the inside of Esperanza Sound. Limits increase from 2 to 4 per day with possession limits up to 8 salmon. This is the time of year 20 pound Coho are caught daily. To date we’ve seen lots of Coho in the High teens with an 18.5 pound topping the scales. However the large northern fish will be moving in soon and the real action starts. Coyote 5” spoons rigged with double barbless hook trolled on Downriggers at less than 20 ft at 3mph. Rig a false flasher directly to the cannon ball, put your release clip approximately 3 ft up the line, 15-20 back and hold on the action is fast and furious.

This is the time of year when salt water fly fishing anglers from all over North America show up to wrestle with the over 20 pound brute Coho. Some of the more popular locations are Saltery Bay near Steamer Point, the west side of Garden Point, Fairway Island near Birthday channel, Otter Islands at the entrance to Espinosa Inlet, Double Island and the N.W. side of Center Island.

It is Easy to find Coho this time of year just look for them jumping, go there, Fish and Catch!