April 2012

"Fisheries Report" - Areas 25/125, 26/126

Mixed announcement but overall “GOOD”

  • Sockeye – Back to the Past

There will be no sockeye opening on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, not a big deal as it has been closed more often than open over the past 5 years. Sockeye are also a relatively small part of the West Coast of Vancouver Island salmon catch.

  • Chinook – Good Fish, Good News

Commercial troll catch allocation is to be reduced by 50%, last year the allocation was 60 – 70,000 fish, this year it will be 30 – 40,000 fish. This is good news for the sport fishermen.

USA Chinook migrate South right past our door step each year, and this year their numbers are to be expected to be at an all time high – in excess of 3 MILLION FISH.

There will also be a significant increase in the number of open areas within Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound for both Chinook and Coho.

  • Coho

Fishing should be good inside the surf line where generally clipped and unclipped fish can be retained. Outside the surf line is the same as last year where only clipped fish can be retained.

  • Chum

For those who participate in this fun late summer and fall fishery, you will be pleased with this year’s run. For the fly fishing crowd, you will be especially happy at the access to stock in many newly opened areas in Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet.