Mid February 2013




Ling Ling Lingcod


Lingcod; Ugly, Exciting to Catch, and Tastes Great!

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For whatever the reason the number of lingcod off the outer reefs of Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound have increased significantly.

Everybody is getting their limit of 3 per day, 6 in possession, with ease, all 12 to 35 pound fish.

The fishing technique is quite simple. Find a reef that is on the edge on the seaward side like Tatchu reef, Obstruction reef, Half Tide reef, Middle reef, outer Bajo reef, and Escalante reef just to name a few.

The next step is to drift with the tide and/or wind from the ocean side, in toward the reef with herring on a spreader bar. Just before the reef jumps up HOLD ON! Large lingcod are waiting, in good numbers, to ambush incoming bait. If you don’t get a hit immediately just reel in slowly as the reef rises below you. In short order you will feel the adrenaline pumping hard, strike

Lots of stories of multiple lingcod on one hook are common these days, as most fishermen know lingcod are quite cannibalistic. While reeling a small / medium size lingcod, or other bottom fish, another larger lingcod will often take advantage of the fish that is hooked and latch on hoping for an easy meal.

It is quite easy with a little patience and good timing from an experienced fish gaffer to get both fish. Keep reeling, steady, don’t pump the rod, and don’t let the larger lingcod’s head break the surface. If you do let the larger lingcod’s head break the surface they will normally release themselves from the hooked fish. As the fishes near the surface guide your rod tip to the gaffer, the gaffer should drive the gaff into the larger lingcod right between the eyes and lift both fish over the gunnel into the boat.

This is where the dance begins, as the larger fish will usually release from the smaller fish so gear and fish can be flying around. BE CAREFUL, dispatch the larger fish first, one good hit from a bonker between the eyes usually does it. There are frequent double and triple fish when the lings are feeding heavily so the dance can be very interesting sometimes. Enjoy the good time, savor the memories and the meals. Lingcod is some of the best eating white fish out there! Try it with some Fish Crisp Coating, it comes in a variety of flavors; "Original", "Italian", "Cajun", "Butter Garlic", and "Beer Batter" and we, Cathy & John, highly recommended it as a favorite choice. Coat the fish and then simply pan sear it in olive oil. You Will Love It! Available at Westview Marina


Lingcod are abundant throughout the region and through the whole season.


Remember: Sharp hooks, Taunt lines, and SET THE HOOK




FLY FISHING NOTE: yes lingcod can be caught on a fly – fast sinking line, large dark Marabo and Silver fly, the right leader, and hold on for the fight of your life!



Don’t forget to set your prawn traps before you go ling fishing!


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