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2021 January Newsletter - Happy New Year!


Salmon Fishing Report & 2021 Out Look


The Conuma Federal Hatchery & the Volunteer Hatcheries all made or exceeded their egg take for all rivers with the exception of the Burman River near Gold River. Total Egg takes by species for all of Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound hatcheries (All Enhanced Rivers):

Chinook/King/Spring – 4,093,477  Coho/Silvers – 253,096   Chum/Dog – 3,538,686 = 7,885,259 total


Expected return from 4 million Chinook eggs approx. 120,000 mature salmon. This is very GOOD news for all of Area 25/125 Fishing/Catching for many seasons ahead.


More Good Local News - The Tahsis & Leiner rivers Volunteer Hatcheries continue to perform well. Once again they had returns of brood stocks that continue to exceed the 8 yr average by more than 125%. Why? The Answer is simple. Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society (TSES) & Nootka Sound Water Shed Society (NSWS).These two organization provided leadership for volunteers involvement in salmon assessment, enhancement, education, stream/rivers rehabilitation & fundraising. At the local level many of you who are reading this have contributed much to the above efforts. By donation of your time, energy & $$ we have been able to help TSES & NSWS be a shining example of how to take care of the environment and FISH in our backyard.


Yes, Westview Marina & Lodge has taken a local leadership position for the past 16yrs in providing over $500,000 in $$ and resources but, without your efforts none of the above could have been possible.

Thank YOU ALL!



Please continue to support the many ongoing fund raising activities - BBQ contest, VIP Donation Board, Auctions, Prizes for & participation in the Annual Fishing Derby (Fri, Sat Aug 27 & 28, 2021) Thanks!



“It Really is ALL About the FISH”   



This yrs Derby will be dedicated to the memory of Frank Collins who has been the president & spoked person for TSES for many yrs.






2020 Salmon Enhancement Derby Winners


0829 211915  20200829 211915

1st place Halibut winner Tyler Hunt-62lbs

Prize - large Colman BBQ

Donated by Canadian Tire in Campbell River

1st place Cod - Thor Johansson  36.5lb Lingcod

Prize Table saw with stand

Donated by Home Depot


  20200829 212017 20200829 212116

Chris Muhlhausen owner operator “Rugged Mt. Roasters Coffee” Tahsis

1st place Winner Coho  14.2lbs.

Prize - Weber BBQ donated by Great Canadian Super Store, Campbell River

1st Place Chinook-28.3lbs WINNER – Darren Trozzo!!

Prize Scotty Pkg- Hi Speed Downrigger, Line Puller& lots of other Scotty Stuff

Donated by Scotty Marine Products, Sidney BC











20200905 170028


Weather is Good & Fishing/Catching is still Great!!!

Vern Bullock, from Sechelt, with his 25 lb Spring/Chinook.

He was fishing with his daughter Leia and son in law Rob Marusic

on a gorgeous September/Labor Day Wkend.


“Happy Fishing trip with Family doesn’t get any better than that”




163613   3699

3 Campbell River Anglers came Area 25 to target Bottom Fish.

Day 1 very successful with daily limits of Lingcod 2 ea. fisher 10- 20lbs

The average size of Chinook/King/Sprig in our area

was up near 3lbs for the 2020 season.

Pictured is smiling Angus Palmer from Nanaimo with his average size Chinook 25lb. His crew of 3 limited on this late July day with 6 Springs/King fishing the inside waters of Esperanza Inlet near Centre Island & Garden pt.

206 2506

Westview Marina & Lodge scores another great Catching day on inshore waters near the mouth of Esperanza Inlet. 5 Red Deer, AB fisher aboard Caught Daily limits of Chinook/Springs/Kings 2 per person & Halibut 1 ea. per day Salmon average weight 23.5 lb and Halibut 34lb

Keith Hamilton from Victoria with his 29.25lb near Tyee, caught at Grassy Island on a anchovy


crab20200829 164713  tuna20200829 164713

Yes, Dungeness Crab Are BACK! Not just ONE Lots!

It is a matter on knowing where they are AT!

Westview’s Staff can help you find them!!

The Locals have figured the Albacore Tuna Fishing/Catching out.

Doug & Ron with the larger fish of their catch 28lbs

Way to GO Guys!


tuna wagon  doug

While trolling and limiting for lingcod the Victoria crew of 4 also caught this bright 20lb Spring/Chinook. The limit of lingcod were caught near Grassy Island. The lings averaged 20lbs also.

Nice Full Fish Wagon!!

Happy Doug Woods July caught 12lb Coho/Silver

In portions of the inside waters of Nootka Sound daily limits are 4 Coho per day/8 possession everywhere else in Area 25 (Esperanza & Nootka) 2 per day/4possession. We will have regs posted at the Marina & you Can Check the DFO website


Halibut, Lingcod, & Crab pictured above are why we open on March 15 ea. yr. Yes, Halibut & Lingcod in good numbers come right into the mouth of Esperanza Inlet in the early season.

Why- Huge schools of Herring spawn on both sides of inlet each spring. Approx. 25% of the schools parish after spawning which makes for a feeding frenzy for ground fish. Yes, Halibut catch in 60-90ft along with Lingcod (after April 1 opening) & other bottom fish.


Prawn & Crab catching improved Greatly in 2020. We expect this to continue in 2021. Our tackle shop crew will be happy to get out the chart and give info on where the hot spots are to drop your Crab traps & Prawn pots. Do not leave your traps/pots at home. With only 50% of the pressure on these species last yr lots were left in the water.






Definition Microsoft Bing:


Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something



YES, We would say that is also the definition of the attitude of most Fishers!!


Yes, with all the national & international talk as well as planning for vaccinating COVID

in North America it seems appropriate to feel and be Optimistic!!


Below are 2 examples of the MANY emails we have received in the past few days.


1 - Hearing some good news that there is movement towards getting the border opened in February or March!   That would be great.     

Following up with the dates I requested for this Summer in The Grandview, see below,  originally sent late September.   

Please confirm for me   Thanks,   Scott Gunning Dec 7, 202


Response: Hello Scott, All 4 trip you have schedule for the summer of 2021 are confirmed at Grandview rental Vacation House. Looking forward to a Great & Busy 2021 Fishing/Catching Season. Make it a Great Day!!   John


2 - Dec 4 2020

Good morning, hope things are as good as can be. Just curious if you have started working on the rescheduled calendar. Thank you much, John Wiprud


Response: Hello John, thanks for your email. Yes, we have been working on the 2021 reschedule. We have you penciled in on similar date as last yr.

Your party of 2 is on the reservation calendar for arriving on Sunday August 1, 2021

Fishing/Catching August 2, 3, 4. Departing on Thursday August 5 after breakfast

with your cooler full of fish filets. Do those dates work for you? If they do not work please tell us what will. Please let us know soon! With vaccines becoming available soon we have had lots of Booking activity.

Thank You  John at Westview Marina & Lodge


Re-response: Good to hear from you, heck yeah those dates are awesome.

So looking forward to this trip. All of you take care of yourselves. Thanks, John Wiprud





YES - Optimism & Confidence that we will have some normalcy back in our lives is a very Good Thing!!




Having said that, out loud, a yellow caution flag is in order.


caution 2


“We at Westview will continue with all COVID protocol as defined by the BC Health Authority to ensure the safety of our safe and customers.”


As we proceed through the upcoming months we anticipate changes in the protocol that will make our full service opening on March 15, 2021 more normal than last season.




westview marina half revised


So if you are planning to Fish/Catch (Charter), Moor you Boat or have
Lodging with us in 2021

NOW is the time to contact us by email to ensure YOU get the Dates YOU

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"May You & Yours Have a Happy & Safe 2021"

"See you in Tahsis at Westview Marina & Lodge in 2021"

Fish On John





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