2020 Salmon Enhancement Derby Results, Whales, Fishing Report, TUNA!!

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2020 Salmon Enhancement Derby Results, Whales, Fishing Report, TUNA!!



Derby Results:


The 17th Westview Salmon Enhancement Derby Raised $44,140

Yes, with approx. ½ the normal contestants, because of C-19, we had a GREAT result.

It is also notable to recognize that $8,000 of the $19,000+ on the VIP Board came from

pledges by people from the USA. Also ALL of our Major Gift Sponsors came

forward with significant prizes - Shock Wave Suspension Seats, Scotty Marine Products,

Supper Store, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Nootka Island Lodge, E & B Helicopters,

Shawzy’s Charters, Matrix Marble, Ray’s Sport Fishing, Critter Cove, Lordco Auto Parts,

Breakers Marine/Suzuki Canada, Coastal Mt. Fuels, Endurance Marine, Grieg Seafood, Gibbs/Delta Tackle, Western Marine and so many more.

As you maybe aware we have over 200 gift sponsor in a normal year. 2020 was anything

BUT normal, however the vast majority of gifts came through to make this derby one of

the most successful on Vancouver Island.

A Huge Thank YOU to the many Volunteers & Westview Staff who pulled together in these

challenging times to again make the wekend Great, Fun & Successful!!

Key Players: Our Master of Ceremony Shock Wave Dave Smith & Bishop Gary Gordon.

Auctioneer Kenny Shaw, Volunteers: Clair, Ron, Leia, Bonnie, Sally & so many MORE!!


All funds will be distributed to Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society, Nootka Sound

Watershed Society, Sports Fishing Institute and Pacific Salmon Foundation.


Group pic


announcer  bishop gary


1st Place Winner

Lingcod Thor Johansson 39.7lbs

Halibut Tyler Hunt 35.8 lbs

Coho Chris Muhlhausen 12.4 lbs

Chinook Darin Eliason 29.2 lbs


Tuna 1   Darin





Whales+++  Lots Everywhere


Yes, Gray whale in Tahsis Inlet nearly every day. A few days they were right

inside Westview’s boom structure. Most often they were right out front of

our gas dock at mid-channel and down near the Tahsis Narrows.

Humpback and Grays were feeding from Saltery Bay all the way out to outer

black rock. Out on the Tuna Grounds there were more variety of whales.

Yes, add Pilot whales and Pacific White Side, Long-Beaked & Striped Dolphins

to the list with Sun Fish & Tons of different types of sea birds.



Whale 1  20200906 152844

A mama & yearling Gray Whale have been regular visitors to the Marina over the past 6 weeks. On one recent morning they were inside the break water!!!! ECO tour Especial!! ECO touring is a normal part of most on water outings out of Tahsis to Nootka Sound or Esperanza Inlet. Thanks to Leia Marusic for this photo of a Humpback Whale spy hopping near Centre Inland in Esperanza.







Fishing/Catching Report




Jessica Jackson the best Creel Surveyor on the West Coat of Vancouver Island.

She love her job and is very GOOD at it. Thank You Jessi!!



Crab 2  Crab 1

Yes, Large Dungeness & Rock Crab are back in Good Quantity for the Catching. Another local Mark with 2 nice Dungeness crab. Yes, they are moving back into our area.

A Week before the Derby a huge storm came in and dumped 9 inches of rain in two days.

Needless to say, most of the Salmon that had been ideally around in Nootka Sound &

Esperanza Inlet that had made Catching VERY GOOD went up the rivers and streams

to spawn as the rivers raised up after the storm. There was some serious concern about

availability of salmon for catching during the derby.


NOT to Worry!! Not all salmon come in at the same time. It took a few days but, by

Wednesday lots of bright Chinook & some Coho showed up at Low and Outer Black Rock.

By Friday, once again, we had a GOOD inside fishery with lots of action at the mouth of

Esperanza all the way in to Salter Bay. Lots of Salmon Where Caught during the Derby.


hali  youngsters

Jeff Steve


Yes, The Coho have Finally Arrived in GOOD numbers. 16.5lb largest to date.

They are in all the usual haunts. All around Centre Is, Twin Is, ½ Tide Reef, Fairway Is

Otter Is. Garden Pt and Saltery Bay. Anchovies & Skinny G lures are producing well.




Tuna, Tuna, Tuna


Yes they have been here since Mid-August


Between the wind/sea conditions & dealing with a rather convoluted C-19 season we

only fished them 7 times, the 1st few times south inshore of the 141 mark. The rest of the

fishing/catching mainly took place right out front in the mouth of the Esperanza Canyon.

They were close in 15 to 22 miles. Average size 18-22lbs.

As Always “The MOST Fun you can have in a boat with Your Cloths ON”

We will be much more ready, staffed & organized to catch this wave of Albacore Tuna in 2021

Stay Tuned!!


20200822 202536




2020 is come to it’s end!!!!!


Yes, another season will SOON be in the books.

Charters are already done, restaurant will close after Sunday September 20.

Café, Gas Dock/Tackle-Bait-Ice shop open until September 30. Nightly Lodging will be

available through out the winter. Email John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inquiries.


TAHSIS Small But Mighty and Growing!!!

Vancouver Island cities and towns dominated in terms of population growth between 2018 and 2019. On the list of the top 10 fastest growing communities in B.C., the island was represented eight times.

The top 10 fastest growing communities in B.C., based on BC Stats estimated population percentages, are: 


1.    Sun Peaks Mountain – 14.1 per cent   

2.    Tahsis – 8.6 per cent

3.    Tofino – 7.1 per cent

4.    Alert Bay – 6.8 per cent

5.    Port Alice – 5.9 per cent

6.    Langford – 5.2 per cent

7.    Cumberland – 5.0 per cent

8.    Lake Cowichan – 4.4 per cent

9.    Gold River – 4.0 per cent

10.     Invermere – 3.8 per cent



Yes, it is 2018 – 2019 BC Stats ranked Tahsis 2nd in growth rate. Our village of grew from 279 + 24 new permanent residence to 303. While statistically we have grown by 8.6% we are still a small beautiful coastal Village.


The trend is continuing with at least 20 more new permanent residence in 2020. As we know, in a normal Summer season (May-Sept) our population rises to 1500+ with non permanent residents some of who own homes, trailers and condominiums as well as tourist visitors.


WHY! We are one of the safest communities in BC.


Low crime rate with no major crime. We have a excellent medical clinic with 2 day a week Doctors and 24/7 highly skilled nurses on call. Tahsis has dependable Fire Department and Ambulance Service with Air Vac if needed. Tahsis Village office management and crew are effective administators.


Grades K through 12 at the local school provides one of the best teacher to student ratios on the Island.


There is a public library, museum and Rec center with a pool, sauna, bowling ally, weight training room, climbing wall, gymnasium, day care program and much more. Tahsis is a outdoor paradise with it’s many walking trails, World Class Salmon, Halibut & Lingcod Fishing, Caving, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Protected Harbour & Marina, Bird Watching and Sea life viewing at it’s door step.


There is also a vibrant social network in the Village with: a theater group, Seniors club, Arts & Crafts co-op & more.

Yes, I know I’m sounding like our good Mayor Martin Davis but, it is all True!

The Future is bright for Tahsis with it’s newly constructed $3.5 million dollar Coast Guard station. Reasonable priced housing is a big plus and there are many service available here. Services: Telus recently installed cell service & is now the service provider for land line phones and a option for TV.


Relatively fast internet service is now available with a soon to be upgraded to supper high speed via a underwater cable Network. Likely a fully paved road in from Gold River to Tahsis will be completed by 2022. It is now ½ paved.


Tahsis is a 2.2hr drive to Campbell River where nearly every large box store and car dealership can be found along with the uniqueness of many boutique shops of all types.

YES Tahsis will continue to grow and offer it’s Small Coastal Village charm & amenities to the locals and tourist visitors!!





2021 Reservations


Because we are honoring our 2020 guest reservation that could not come to Tahsis to enjoy

our Charters, Lodging, moorage, meals, Eco Tours, Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals +

so much more we are already pre-booked heavily for 2021.


If you wish to visit with us next season we recommend taking advantage of our

“Early Bird Booking Specials” soon while we still have opening!”


*We will be opening On March 15 for those wanting to take advantage of the Bring Your Own Boat (BYOB)“Prawn & Hali Harvest Special” on Lodging & Moorage “March 15-April 30.


*May 1-31 We will be offering Guided & BYOB “Halibut & Lingcod Harvest Specials ”All inclusive pkgs”


*June 1-15 we will be offering Salmon & Lingcod Guided and BYOB Specials “All Inclusive pkgs”


*Every Friday evening  June 18-Sept 10 we will be “Rocking the Dock” with the very popular talented Live Music

May have said that Westview Marina has a Special positive “Vibe” on the floating Pub/Dinning Deck.”

Come find & enjoy it with your friends & family. You will like and enjoy it. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

See You Next season- Staff & Management of Westview Marina& Lodge  “Service is our Business”




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