July 2020 Newsletter

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We are at Full possession Limits on Chinook 4, Coho 8, Halibut 2, Lingcod 6. Come join the catching and the fun!

Esperanza Inlet/Nootka Sound

Mid July & August maybe the best time for Fishing/Catching in our area. Why? The answers are many. Most importantly we have 4 Volunteer Salmon hatcheries and one Federal Salmon hatchery here. Combined these facilities put 4+ million Chinook fingerlings and 1.5 million Coho in our local waters annually. The results of this salmon production is this summer 50,000+ Chinook and 20,000+ Coho will return to our inside local waters to spawn.

Yes, we have some of the most productive inside water catching areas on the west coast. These fish do not return all at once. Through out late July and August the salmon continue to move towards the may streams and river that they are homing into to spawn. Most season the return stretches into and past Labour Day in September when the large rain events occur that pull the fish up into the spawning grounds.

Best Fishing Salt Water Regulations in BC:Additionally we are the rare area (25/125) on all of BC coast that remains at limits of 2 Chinook per day with 4 possession and 4 Coho per day with 8 possession. Add to that the abundance of our local Halibut, Lingcod and many other types of bottom fish gives fisher a real opportunity to fill your fish boxes. Surprisingly the prawns have also returned in good numbers  and size. Bring your traps. You will be Happy with the results

Check with the DFO web site for specific local details, or stop by our Westview Marina & Lodge in Tahsis for DFO charts, regs and details on hot spot locations. The best catching baits for Salmon to date have been 5.5 anchovy with green/glow and other glow header. Look alike lures like- Coyote, Coho Killers, Yo-zuri Turds, Skinny G & Wee G in the various glow patterns all are working well. Bottom fishing has had increasing result when trolling deep with the newer swim bait with a bit of Blood Tuna scent and the LED blinking bottom-bouncing lures with a chunk of herring on the hook.

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Tyee catching report to date: It is the best year for large Chinook since 2012. Why, one reason for sure is there are no commercial fishing for Chinook north of our area all the way up into Alaska. Tyee started showing up on the cleaning tables in June weekly 30-33lbs. In July more frequently 2-3 times a week 30-35.5lb. We expect this trend to continue well into August. In fact the last 2 weeks in August usually produce the largest Chinook of the season, especial up in Esperanza Inlet.  

How to Get Over C-19 Cabin Fever NOW!-This is the season to enjoy our local British Columbia salt waters and you will not find any better Fishing/Catching and limits than Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet. Keep in mind that every outing on our waters is also a ECO wildlife trip with whales, bears, sea lions, eagles and much more. Come relax and enjoy.

Fun, Fun, Fun for all member of your crew. Looking forward to seeing you on our large floating patio covered heated pub restaurant deck SOON! Mention this email to John on your arrival from out of town and the 1st beer is on the house.

See you SOON!!  Enjoy!!

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Jodi Hennigsen with her 33lb Tyee Caught in early July at Pin Rocks near the mouth of Esperanza Inlet on a Glow Turd lure. Smiling Jody Banseman was her Guide/Captain on this Fishing Adventure. Husband Nick was along for the ride. After also boating a 36lb Halibut, Jodi Says "It was the Best fishing trip I ever had, Thank You Westview & Jody".


Come to our Westview Marina and Lodge, a safe, sterilized location with great fishing/catching! Make your reservations now for moorage, lodging and charters.


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With the existing regs on Halibut this Group of 5 Happily opted for chicken Halis (2 possession) rather than one large fish. They are fishing 2 more days & will likely fill their possession limits of Chinook, Halibut & Lingcod.


The first 2020 ROCK THE DOCK Friday July 24th 5pm-10pm. Specials on dinner and drinks with live entertainment!


IMG 500423

This Vancouver crew of 5 scored on everything. 72lb Halibut & 4 chicken Hali, a Salmon, Lingcod & lots of ground fish. They have 2 more day of fishing to go! Surely they will fill their Possession limits on all species. Come Join the FUN & Catching!!


Yes, the 2020 Salmon Enhancement Derby is a go! Friday August 28th and Saturday August 29th. Get your tickets now, by calling or emailing our tackle shop (250 934 7672). $100/per person - all proceeds go to Regional Salmon Enhancement. Fun! Fun! Fun!


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Earl Kreutzer & Sierra McGerrigle from Vancouver Island 1st day of their 3 day Fishing/Catching Charter with their 53lb halibut and 3 Springs/Chinook. They will be going home with lots of filet. Tomorrow they will catching lots of Lingcod & Bigger Chinooks!!! 

IMG 1506

A very happy Victoria BC fishing crew lead by their captain Dave Sauders. Chinook 22-17lb all caught within sight of Catala Is at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet. Most were hooked on bait - “anchovies”.

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