June 2020

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To: Customers, Family, Visitors and Friends

- Facts vs. Fiction, Reality vs. Rumors, Hope vs. The Sky is Falling

- Fishing/Catching Report


Yes, we are open!!! 

& Yes, that is Lacey, one of our dock dogs.


There is no question that the COVID-19 (C-19) pandemic has affected all of our lives.  It has and likely will forever change, to some degree, our views on shopping, doing business, socializing, relationships, spirituality and Much More!

On a positive note C-19 may have possibly refocused us on what is really important in our lives and slowed us down a bit!

Fishing is a GO!!!

A crew of two from Ladner, BC got their possession limit of halibut, lingcod, bottomfish and prawns on their 3-day trip last weekend

Let’s get to some of the Facts:

We at Westview Marina & Lodge are OPEN!!!

Yes, 80% of our services are NOW available. Lodging, Charters, Tackle Shop, Marine Mechanic Shop, The Fuel Dock with moorage, fishing licenses, bait & tackle, marine supplies, smokes, ice, pop & snacks, and lots more.

The Patio Pub, Island Attitude Coffee Café and Marina Grill House Restaurant will all have a soft opening on June 3, with a “Happy Hour” from 3pm-6pm. Look for drink and appie specials.  All will be fully operative by June 14th serving beverages, appies, Lunch, Dinner, Hard Ice-cream, Snacks, Pop, Espressos, etc.

Yes, this is about a month later than our normal full-service opening. BC Health and WorkSafe Dept. have set sanitation protocols that now allow for full operation of the Marina and all of our services. Our Goal is to have a SAFE friendly environment with proper sanitation procedures for ALL Customers and Staff.

Fishing /Catching Report:

The weather has been better than normal for this time of year. The month of May has produced some of the best Halibut, Lingcod and limits of other bottom fish in years. 

A few early Chinook/Springs/Kings are being boated. 8-18lb very active Salmon feeding on huge schools of needle fish/sand lances & squid. As usual find the bait and you will find the salmon!

Most of these Chinook being caught are hatchery marked fish from the US. Prime hook up locations in Nootka are Hoiss Pt, Marvinas Bay/Boston Pt, Wash Rks and Beano Creek area.

In Esperanza Salmon hot spots are Garden Pt, Double Is, Low Rk and Inner Black Rk. 

Fish above and behind the bait schools with a very active lure or tight spinning anchovy. 

Then Hold On - “FISH ON”!!!

Ling, Ling, ling Cod limits & a 13lb Spring/King Salmon

June & July will build to strong returns of Vancouver Island Chinook & Coho. Both runs are projected to be in volumes Better than last season and last year was GOOD! This year’s late season (Aug/Sept) is a big Coho cycle Years, 20lb+ Coho are on the cleaning tables regularly during these larger size Coho cycles.  

Yes, as many of you Know- that just because the Salmon Enhancement Derby is over on Friday & Saturday, Aug. 28 & 29 does NOT mean the Catching Season is over!

Chinook in Good numbers will be around until the large, early fall storms hit the coast. Also, the super size Coho will be milling around the inside of Esperanza inlet also waiting for rain. 

Plus, we are due for an Albacore Tuna Run this Year!! Come Join the Fun & Catching!

Fishing Regulations for our Area - Area 25 & 125. All indication are they will be exactly as last season. Check the DFO web site or ask at the tackle shop before fishing.

We have the least restrictions of anywhere in BC. Why? We have little to no Fraser River Salmon runs of concern moving through our area. 

Location, Location, Location!!!

westview 2

Lucky Locals!

Daily limits of Halibut recently!

Possession limits: 

Chinook 4, Coho 8, Halibut 2 (size matters), other Bottom fish 6, Lingcod 4.  That’s LOTS of FISH!!

Reality of C-19 HERE!

Of all provinces in Canada, with reasonable amounts of population, BC has done the BEST to contain the pandemic. Within BC, Vancouver Island has done the Best to contain and flatten the curve. 

To date there is no active case of C-19 on the Island, and we have had a total 125 cases.  Regretfully 5 persons have passed. Most who have passed on the Island were 75 yrs or older and most were in a care facility. There have been no new case in the past three + weeks.



So, it is fair to say, that in comparison to other places in Canada, we are in a very safe place.

We ask that those who choose to come to our area to enjoy the many outdoor activities do this in accordance with all BC Health Regulations and only come if you have NONE of the C-19 symptoms. Keeping Our Island and Esperanza and Nootka areas safe for all citizens, staff and customers is extremely important.

We have All worked very hard to get to this important crossroad and it is a must that we ALL continue to be active with our health safety practises. 

Westview Marina & Lodge has implemented all BC Health Dept. & Work Place Safe regulations and suggestions to ensure the health & welfare of Customers, Staff and local citizens.

Just to name a few:

- Shields at all cashier Stations

- Sanitation stations through out the Marina & lodging areas

- Social Distancing and limiting number of persons in shops & pub/dinning areas.

- Mask & Gloves will be available to all customers

- significate increase in sanitation in all public areas of the Marina

& Much More!!! Safety FIRST!!!

Reality “NOT” Rumors

*The road from Campbell River to Gold River and to Tahsis are OPEN!

*June 1, 2020 BC Health allows over night camping, visits to 2nd homes/cottages and rental lodging/housing

*The God River Launch is OPEN, but it will not be maned by MMFN staff this season.

*Tahsis village launch is open

*The Westview Marina floating Pub/Restaurant has the coldest BEER & Margaritas on the West Coast of Vancouver Island “Try them, You will like Them!!!”

*The Fishing/Catching is already over the top GOOD at Westview Marina & Lodge and will just get Better as we get into the summer season.

“Hope vs. The Sky is Falling”

Canadian/ US Boarder:

At present the boarder is closed to all non-Canadians with the exception of essential travel until June 21, 2020. 

Opening of the boarder is a Federal Government decision.  BC & WA State do not have authority in this matter. 

Having said that there are many schools of thoughts on this matter. Most business in BC seem to believe that by July 1, 2020 the boarder will open. We likely will get some indication by June 16 on this matter. When the boarder does open the 14-day quarantine regulation will likely no longer be in affect…Stay Tuned!


Yes, we still have opening for Moorage, Lodging, Fishing Charters, Kayak & Paddle Board rentals.

If you are from the US we recommend, if you are making a new reservation, you choose dates after August 1 to ensure some stability with the boarder opening.

Looking forward to meeting You & Your Crew this summer/fall!!!


Thank You, for your patience and patronage in these changing times.

The Staff and Management are here to meet your service needs in Good & Foul Weather & Times!!

Please stay Safe and Calm. We will see you here on the patio deck SOON!




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