July Fishing Report 2014






13 year old Bill Ramell with his 1st Tyee. Way to go!!! He hooked this beauty near Double Rock at Ferrer Pt. Today!! 32.5lb topped the Chinook leader board on July 20th


The Salmon are here in Good numbers, the average size is 25lb. A couple of 30+lb. have been coming in every day this week. Each day the Spring fishing gets BETTER & BETTER!!

The fog & now the wind are keeping the fishing mainly inside BUT, that's a good thing because the Chinook have moved inshore BIG TIME. Calm weather predicted all next week!

In Nootka Good reports from the Lighthouse all the way to Coopte Pt on Springs is excellent, Coho not so much YET.
Esperanza Inlet is plugged with Chinook form Mozino Pt to Steamer Pt.   Fishing in the cut is Productive & Relaxing!!

Lots of Coho in the rocks on the south side of Catala Is. & at Twin Is. Ferrer Pt is still HOT on all flood tides. The results are worth the trip over there.

Friday night a large rain storm moved in. The rain stirred the fish up and brought lots More Chinook inside on both Sides of Nootka Island.

Lots of 23-28lb fish around both in Nootka & Esperanza – We suspect they are mainly Conuma Fish. 

Largest Fish weighed in to date. Coho 10lb, Spring 45.5lb, Rock Cod 14lb, Ling Cod 50.5lb. caught Last Wednsday!!!

Dr. Stan Leete from Campbell River with his 20lb Spring from inside Catala Isl. Two Very Happy Fisherman from Saskatchewan with a pair of 25lb Chinooks Garry Meier  Ridgedale, Sk.
Ron Bonish  Fort Qu’Appelle, Sk.
A pair of 28lb Chinook held by Bob a close friend of Scotty Gibbs who is also in the picture with his best side showing

HALIBUT - are very plentiful and with the new larger 133cm (approx. 70 lbs for your large one) VERY PRODUCTIVE.

HOT SPOTS - for Esperanza are THE PINS on the Highway, when you can get out there. Lots of boats are heading out at about 5:30am to get their halis. Then running back to get their Salmon before the wind gets up. They are fishing for Halibut closer in on the pinnacles off Ferrer Pt., The Red Can, Tatchu Pt. & Whales Tail. In Nootka - Bajo Reef, Escalante Pt. & the 100ft line of the lighthouse are showing good.

Guide Peter with Kevin & Bonnie Berndt with Bonnie's 52lb Hali Cage Chittenden & Mac Easton with a 65lb Halibut caught near The Pins on the Highway Craig Kerry with a nice 55lb Halibut Caught near Ferrer Pt.

LINGCOD are also thick. Lots are being hooked while trolling for salmon. There is so much bait around the Lings are up feeding with the Springs.

HOT SPOTS - for ling are in the rocks on the outside of Catala Is. Tatchu Pt. in Esperanza & Escalante Pt. in Nootka.

Anchoring or drifting with a spreader bar and x-large Herring works the best.

Guide Thor with Barb Horn from Victoria BC - Yes this
Monster of a Lingcod weighted in at 50.5lb WOW!!! Caught off Tatchu Pt.

The 11th Annual-WESTVIEW MARINA & LODGE SALMON ENHANCEMENT FISHING DERBY will be held on Fri. & Sat. August 22nd &23rd

Last year was an all-time high in fund raising $29,782.13. Over the last 10yrs we have raised over $150,000 for salmon enhancement.

Friday night there will be Live Entertainment on the dock & an all you can eat Large Buffet for $15. Saturday evening will be the Awards Banquet with Live Music & Dinner. Dinner Saturday, derby hat, a bag of tackle, plus everybody wins a prize is all included in your derby ticket = $60 ea.

Come join the FUN, CATCHING, and PRIZES. Get your tickets TODAY. Remember 

Highlights from the 2013 Derby Reception from left to right: Kenny Shaw and Brian Temple, Bill Hoffman, Jerry Freeman, Burt Boucher, Cage Chittenden, and Ben Gillette.

Westveiw Marina & Lodge 4thAnnual Salmon Enhancement BBQ Contest.

This year had many Bigger, Better and Firsts.

Bigger and Better

-The crowd (Tasters/Judges) was 102 persons - not counting cooks or Westview Staff

-More Cooking teams – 6 total.

- More Delicious Food-Many of the Taster/Judges have been at this event in the past years. It was unanimous “This year’s food was universally BETTER”

- The Weather “The Best ever” Saturday July 12th was the warmest day of the Summer to that date 28*C/87*F

- The Event raised the most ever---$1,275 for Salmon Enhancement

- The BBQ was FUN, Successful and FILLING

Thor, Samantha & Abby Johansson Candy Grilled Chinook Salmon -Won 1st place & donated the $100 prize back to Salmon Enhancement.
Steph Schweitz & Warren Daynes Grilled Thai Chicken
Tyler Hunt & Ray Chitteden Grilled Halibut with Thai sauce
Team Kattelkoski Seafood Chowder
Sue & Brett Fulhouser Mushroom Caps stuffed with Seafood (My Personal Favorite - sorry Thor & Sam )

Master Chief Tojo- in a class all by himself– Prepared “Chief Surprise Chinook with rice & a very tasty sauce” WOW Was That Tasty

Had many comments “All the Food was so GOOD it was hard to pick a winner”  FUN, FUN, FUN!!

The crowd of 102 persons came to support Salmon Enhancement Winner of the “BEST” dressed  for the BBQ contest contestants – Sue Fulhouser in her wedding dress.  Master Chief Tojo from Vancouver. Tojo’s Japanese Restaurant is located at 1133 West Broadway. He also has Tojo’s T.V. show on the Food Network. www.tojos.com

This was the 1st BBQ that we have had a Celebrity Master Chief participate. It all happen quite by accident, first we saw a Japanese man moving up & down the cleaning tables collecting salmon collars. Then we noticed that another fellow was filming the activity so we asked what was the filming all about. The film producer explained that he was filming a TV show for the FOOD NETWORK!! Further inquiry identified our visitor as Master Chief Tojo. Tojo has been on many Food TV show & he owns TOJO’s Japanese Restaurant at the corner of West Broadway & 12th St. in downtown Vancouver. The restaurant has a 5 Star Rating and features Sashimi, Sushi & other Japanese Fare.

If that sounded like a commercial “IT WAS”. WHY? Because as soon as Tojo discovered that we were having a BBQ contest to support Salmon Enhancement he asked if he could participate. It took about a millisecond for us to accept his generous offer.

At the start Tojo said he did not have his spices or equipment but, he would TRY!! Try he did. He produced a delicious Salmon Dish that tantalised everyone’s palate. He accepted a DANGER MEN COOKING t-shirt for his efforts.

THANK YOU TOJO. (Watch for Master Chief Tojo & the BBQ Event on the FOOD NETWORK)

Tojo has accept an invitation to participate again next year at the 5th Annual BBQ. He will also be putting on a cooking demonstration / school during his stay. Details to follow.

Mark your calendar now for the weekend of July 11th 2015 which is the Saturday of the BBQ.