December 2010



WHY was the salmon fishing so good in 2010? WHY did the sockeye salmon return in the highest numbers since fisheries started tracking the returns?

The answer seems to point at the ocean conditions during 2008. Sockeye remain in the streams, lakes and estuaries for two years before going out to sea for an additional two years . They then return to their native spawning ground. In 2008 the water was slightly colder than in the seven years prior to 2008. This cooler water significantly increases the micro organisms, which the bait fish feed on. This dramatically increases the numbers of pilchards / sardines which in turn increases the survival rate of the salmon entering the ocean in 2008.

You probably also noticed a significant increase in the number of 3 year old Chinook (15-20 pounds) on the fishing grounds this year. These fish also entered the ocean to begin their life cycle in 2008. The same factors that helped the sockeye were at work on the Chinook. The returns of Chinook go generally like this: 20% will return early (3 year olds); 50% will return in the normal cycle (4 year olds); 25% will return as tyees (30 – 45 pound 5 year olds); 5% will return very late as trophy 50 pound plus (6 year olds) What these guide lines are projecting is the 3 year old fish were in abundance at twice the normal numbers. That means 2011 normal return should be over the top for quantity of 4 year old 25 – 35 pound Chinook and may be large in size.

Sharpen those hooks and get ready for an exciting, bountiful 2011 fishing season!




Don't forget your prawn traps. Prawning was excellent this fall, and is very good right now as the locals load up on their Christmas prawns! Prawn fishing will continue to produce large quantities for 2011!




The fish continue to be found in good numbers. The average size has increased to 35 – 45 pounds and such large butts are no strangers to the cleaning tables. With the large schools of pilchards it was quite common to hook a 30 pound hali while trolling for salmon. The halibut were coming off the bottom (60 – 100 feet) to feed on the huge schools of bait near the surface. This was a daily event for most of the season.

Regulation changes! Not yet confirmed but it looks good for getting over the hurdle of commercial vs sport fishing politics – keep tuned in. Word is we may be back to 2 hali per day and 2 possession when the season opens this spring.




Last year our 1st Annual BBQ contest was an huge success with 6 teams participating and over 100 tasters showing up to support the event and Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society (TSES). $1,000.00 was raised for TSES and a fun day was had by all. Start thinking about your recipes now. 2011 cook off will be on Saturday June 25, 2011 Congratulations again to this years winning team, Jay and Paul Vandenborn. Their BBQ pig on a spit was a huge hit. Thanks to all who cooked, tasted and the panel of judges! Remember – "It's all about the Fish"!




Westview Marina's 2011 Salmon Enhancement Derby will be held on Friday and Saturday August 26 & 27. PLAN NOW! Lots of great prizes: Scotty Downriggers, Bradley Smoker, marine electronics, rods & reels, Lordco power tools, Suzuki Kicker Motors, and much, much more. There will be a Salmon BBQ and live entertainment at the awards ceremony on Saturday night. All proceeds go to Regional Salmon Enhancement Programs.




Its hard to imagine that the 2011 season will be here before you know it! I know that its not even Christmas yet but as happens every year, time just flies by and before you know it it is time to break out the fishing poles and those secret lures!

If you haven't already checked out our new web page please do so! It has been updated and full of pictures and information about the marina and all we have to offer. There are also links for weather, tide, current, wind, travel and much more. Look for you favourite pictures or send them to us to add to the page! Get all the info you need on booking moorage, accommodations, meal packages, fishing charters, eco tours and kayak rentals. Look for upcoming events, in season updates on the fishing, and even live camera shots of fish coming in!

We have as many types of accommodations available as there are types of people and something for every budget. All of our properties have full kitchens, BBQ's and freezers for your catch. If you want a break from cooking we have full meal packages available. Why shop, pack and cook when we can supply everything you need. Call now so that we can make sure that we can meet all of your needs. Remember that if you book through the marina you get 10% off at the Marina Grillhouse Restaurant!

We have added a new property to our rental pool with the Marina View House. This a wonderful house right across the street from the marina giving it a great view of all the activity. It has three bedrooms, full kitchen, deck with a BBQ and a hot tub! Check out the pictures and book now!

Coming up for the 2011 season we will be having live entertainment to "Rock the Dock" every second Friday. Come and enjoy steak night and live music starting Friday July 1!

All different types of music for all to enjoy!

Book now so that you are not disappointed! Why not give a fishing trip for Christmas! No time like the "present"!


Merry Christmas, we look forward to seeing you in 2011.